Team Communication Strategies For The New Decade

The beginning of a new decade has already been marked with the start of the year 2020. With everything that is going on around the world, this start may not be what we expected. But it has surely challenged our way of life so far, both personal and professional. And when we carefully navigate the human and business impact of the present pandemic and slowing global economy, we look forward to a massive challenge i.e making some meaningful changes. Now, let’s take a look at this with a more business-oriented perspective, Any business, large or small, is as good as the teams involved. And the teams are good only if they have effective team communication techniques

Since every business today is operating virtually at some capacity (many for the first time), team communication has been suffering. Teams that were used to having in-person interactions to feel motivated and get their job done have been struggling to stay in sync. 

Keep Things As Clear As Possible Make 

No team can communicate effectively if there are misunderstandings or uncertainty about what they are responsible for. To keep communication going as expected, it is important that the entire team knows what is going on in the  project and what is expected of them, both  individually and as a team. 

Find tools that center around the best team communication strategies

Every perfect team communication strategy demands a perfect mix of effective communication tools. Fortunately, there are more than a dozen tools and apps available for both internal and external communication. All an organization/team needs to do is find the right set of tools and integrate them into their everyday work process. 

  • TelebuPing for instant text and conferences
  • grptalk for large group calls and audio meetings 
  • TelebuJoin for live events, webinars and HD video meetings 

Make The Most Of Breaks 

Work-related or not, every interaction happening in the spirit of team-building is crucial to team communication. That’s why every coffee break and mid-hallway conversation is as important as a team meeting. These kinds of informal social interactions go a long way into building a productive and collaborative work environment. According to an article on nytimes: “breaks are important to a worker’s and a company’s well-being. They reinforce bonds, improve morale and increase possibilities for collaboration”

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