All You Need To Know About Anti-Dandruff Ketoconazole Shampoo

Dandruff is a condition where the scalp tends to become itchy and flaky. Reasons for dandruff could be an unhealthy lifestyle, genetic, or external environment. Malassezia, a genus of fungi, which is naturally present in the skin can overgrow sometimes, leading to a much worse situation of dandruff. Although many home remedies and hair care products are available for treating dandruff. But for situations with skin infections and fungus, medicated therapy is required. For treating this kind of situation an anti-fungal Ketoconazole treatment is available which can be used to treat fungal infections. Anti-dandruff ketoconazole shampoo India is easily accessible in the market. 

Ketoconazole fights fungus on the top layer of the scalp and it is not absorbed internally. The Food & Drug Administration approved Ketoconazole in the form of two percent (maximum) solution to manage problems like dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, and various other skin related issues. Although, there are types of Ketoconazole shampoos available-

  1. One percent Ketoconazole – It is used to treat seborrheic dermatitis and normal dandruff issues. These kinds of shampoos are made to be used twice or thrice a week and are easily available over the counters.
  2. Two percent Ketoconazole- This ratio is used in treating severe conditions like tinea versicolor. This treatment is available only with a proper prescription and consultation.

Ketoconazole helps in treating various problems like:-

  1. Tinea infections- It is a fungal infection that affects the scalp.
  2. Psoriasis- It is a disease that causes inflammation, redness, and flaking of skin.
  3. Pityriasis- Ketoconazole based shampoo is used to treat the fungal infection which causes discoloration and uneven skin tone on the neck, chest, or arms skin.
  4. Treats eczema & fungicide and therefore gives a better environment for hair to grow.
  5. Along with controlling dandruff, it also combats hair fall.

Usage of Ketoconazole shampoo-

  1. Always follow the instructions given in the manual of the product.
  2. As a general rule, apply shampoo to entirely wet hair, massage lightly with enough quantity according to length and volume of hair.
  3. Keep it for a few minutes giving enough time for shampoo to immerse in the scalp.
  4. Rinse hair with lukewarm water and follow up with conditioning of hair.

Special precautions in a few cases-

  1. Pregnant women – As there are not enough studies about how ketoconazole will react with a fetus. It’s better to consult a doctor.
  2. Overdose-Excess of everything is bad, thus special care must be taken to avoid any overdose.
  3. Interference with other medicines- If a person is already under medication, proper consultation with a doctor is a must for ensuring interference between both the salts of medicines.

Thus, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before using a Ketoconazole treatment, as a dermatologist recommends product after knowing the hypersensitivity and reaction of an individual’s body to any ingredient. This is because the irritation or rashes on the scalp may occur if used excessively. Moreover, it should also be used only on the scalp as its usage on hair can make them rough. In the market, Keto shampoo for dandruff price ranges is differentTherefore, a variety of shampoos are available in the market with different price variations.

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