Going For Vegan Apparel Helps Save Animal Suffering

You may wonder how may clothing be Vegan? When you think about veganism, most likely the principal thing that flies into your head is eating plant-based. And keeping in mind that you would already make a great deal of (furry) friends by simply doing that, Veganism implies far more. Vegans don’t make use of products with animal genesis. This implies – neither leather footwear, nor apparel made of wool, silk, fur or down. So why not? Plus, what does a vegan lover wear?

What is Vegan Clothing?

Vegan clothing signify apparel, footwear, tote, and varied accessories like Vegan Beanie for men and women, that were made without utilizing and hurting animals. To be more specific: fashion articles that do not have any animal materials and for which zero animal by-products were used in the course of the entire manufacturing process.

The clothing products in your closet may be made with animal materials, for example, wool, leather, suede, fur, down, felt, silk, or dye and glued with materials of animal inception. So what remains if you’d need to go for a vegan closet? Looks like it wouldn’t be much? Boring stuff?

On the contrary, you can be equally as fashionable donning vegan and fair garments and slow fashion, as you would be wearing standard, ‘normal’, or even fast fashion. Truth be told, it is impossible to distinguish the two kinds more often than not. However, that (frequently undetectable) difference can mean the world, both for the lives of the animals and for the environs.

What are Vegan and Green Alternatives in Fashion?

Fortunately, these days there are a lot of appealing vegan materials and varied textiles that can be made, without harming animals; plus have a minimal carbon footprint.

Hemp, organic linen, recycled and organic cotton, recycled polyester and nylon, modal cotton made from beech tree fibers, Lyocell clothing, Acetate/triacetate fabrics, are great alternatives if you want to wear fashionable but eco-friendly vegan and fair clothing.

These days, you can get the most lovely faux leather and superior-grade imitation suede bags, shoes, belts, wallets, and a variety of accessories, including Vegan hoodies. Now, you may be wondering – isn’t synthetic leather simply an inferior fake material that looks cheap? We sense your doubt as imitation leather and suede are normally produced using new plastic; and, no better for the environment than their animal-based equivalents. However, the materials discussed in this Article post, are not like the ones you have been introduced to for years.

Daily the most upscale, futuristic, and sustainable plant-based leather genres are added: produced using pineapple fibers (Piñatex), apple peels and mushrooms, cork, washable paper, recycled or natural rubber, recycled polyester, and a range of other materials which are at present being developed, and still not come to the market. Or, may come tomorrow.


In the event that you buy vegan and fair, then at least you know that you aren’t unintendedly adding to needless human or animal suffering.

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