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How Can You Become a Certified Big Data Professional?

In the modern age, one of the most valuable assets a business possesses is the data it generates. Business data is an unparalleled source to derive a competitive advantage over other businesses operating within your niche or industry segment. It is so valuable, that businesses spend billions each year on data security and privacy measures, both to protect its customers as well as the valuable data itself.

However, raw data in itself does not offer much value. Given the large volumes of data that businesses produce on a daily basis, simply managing it can be a huge task, let alone analyzing it to draw the correct conclusions. This is where big data professionals come in.

How to Become a Certified Big Data Professional?

The larger a business is, the more data it likely generates. For enterprise-level businesses, this data can become so extensive that simple inference tools aren’t enough to draw valuable information from it. The vast quantities of data are full of hidden trends, process efficiency indicators, sales volume fluctuation, and even customer behavior. However, for an average-Joe, it may be virtually impossible to use it in a significant way. After all, it’s not as simple as figuring out how to get Spectrum on Firestick.

But a certified big data professional has all the expertise and knowledge needed to make constructive use of the data that businesses accumulate. This is one of the reasons why data scientists are in such demand in the business world. Using sophisticated statistical and analytical techniques, big data professionals are able to correctly predict trends and identify areas of improvement. This helps businesses improve their overall process efficiency and position themselves to take advantage of emerging trends. If you’re thinking of dipping into the big data profession, here are a few certifications that will prove useful along the way:

  1. Microsoft MCSE Data Management and Analytics
  2. Cloudera Data Professional Certification
  3. Hortonworks Hadoop
  4. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics

Here’s how these certifications can help you get closer to your goal of becoming a successful big data professional.  

Microsoft MCSE Data Management and Analytics

Microsoft is one of the oldest and most iconic tech companies in modern history. So it makes sense that they have developed specialized tools and certifications to help professionals who work with big data in a business setting. The company’s MCSE program is designed to help individuals become proficient at using various Microsoft tools and software. Successfully completing the program means you become a certified big data professional in terms of:

  • SQL database administration.
  • Development.
  • Machine learning.
  • Business intelligence reporting.

The program hones your skills so you can have demonstrable expertise in SQL, building data solutions for large-scale enterprises, and deriving intelligence from business data. Any tech-savvy employer will jump at the chance to add you to their team.  

Cloudera Data Professional Certification

If you want to learn how to create and work on big data pipelines, the Cloudera certification is something you should seriously consider. The company has established itself as an authority on Hadoop, and getting certified by it is one of the most useful endorsements you can have in the big data profession. It lists a range of certifications that offer proficiency in Apache Spark, Hadoop Development, and Hadoop Administration.    

Hortonworks Hadoop

Speaking of authorities in the Hadoop domain, Hortonworks is a commercial vendor that has been offering customized Hadoop tools and solutions to enterprises for some time now. These services have a broad range of applications in data management and intelligence. The company now also offers various certifications for Hadoop, including Hadoop development and administration as well as Spark development among others. The certification is great for building your skillset in:

  • Data ingestion.
  • Data transformation.
  • Analyzing big data.

EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics

EMC offers certifications designed to build and increase proficiency in various specific aspects of the Hadoop environment. It covers a variety of bases, including Pig, Hive, and HBase. It also pays a lot of attention to delivering knowledge on data visualization, NLP, and even logistic regression. In addition, the certification will grant you proficiency in data analytics, data science roles, building complex data models, and evaluating it for results.

Big data professionals are needed by virtually every enterprise-level firm in the world. They are needed to analyze complex information, from measuring customer satisfaction ratios on the Brighthouse Spectrum phone number to identifying process inefficiencies in manufacturing. With an increased dependency on data to outperform and outclass the competition, businesses are willing to pay handsomely for this niche skillset. A professional certification can greatly increase your chances of getting lucrative employment in the field.     

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