How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Mouth Rinse Benefit?

Every so often, you will find hydrogen peroxide used in the chemical composition of mouth rinse. Use of peroxides in dentistry dates back to 1913, when it was first used for “pyorrhea” treatment. Peroxide when used in a controlled quantity has various benefits. The right concentration of hydrogen peroxide is necessary, the correct percentage and strength makes all the difference. 

Understanding the importance of hydrogen peroxide, most people swear by gargling with it. Although, one must understand that it is important to know the precautions, right concentration, and correct use of this chemical compound. Let’s break down all the information part by part. 

How to gargle with Hydrogen peroxide the right way?

First things first, do not swallow it. Irrespective of the composition, whether you are using 3% hydrogen peroxide or 35% ‘food grade’ hydrogen peroxide. The other steps to follow for safe gargling with hydrogen peroxide are:

  • Use 1.5% concentration of hydrogen peroxide,undiluted. This is the advised usage. 
  • Take a mouthful of the mixture, gargle and swish it around the mouth for 30 seconds. Spit the solution.
  • Be sure to not keep the mixture for more than 60 seconds. 

Let’s now look at some of the health benefits of gargling with hydrogen peroxide, which is the reason behind the growing popularity of hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse in India and globally. 

Health benefits of gargling with hydrogen peroxide

  • Helps Soothe a sore throat – Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties. The bacterial infections that cause sore throat are relieved with gargling using hydrogen peroxide. Also, when you feel irritation in the throat it might be due to the mucus in the mouth. When the mucus in the mouth comes in contact with hydrogen peroxide, a foam is created. The mucus becomes less sticky and gets easily drained out due to the formation of foam. This helps relieve any throat irritation and pain.
  • Helps whiten your teeth – Hydrogen peroxide has bleaching property which makes it ideal for teeth whitening. Gargling With hydrogen peroxide can make your teeth look lighter shade for a few hours. To produce lasting effects, they must be used regularly. 
  • Improves Overall oral health and hygiene – Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful disinfectant which helps keep mouth sores at bay, as well as heals small knicks and cuts in mouth, faster. Studies reveal that hydrogen peroxide is an ideal element for oral health that is helps reduce gum inflammation, when used together with regular brushing and flossing. 
  • Used for pre-procedural mouth rinse – Before any dental procedure is initiated, dentists want the oral cavity to be bacteria-free, for this hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse is considered the best. Mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide is considered the best preprocedural mouth rinse, it kills bacteria by releasing oxygen which in turn alters the anaerobic bacterial environment and inhibits their growth.

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