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How Does Using An Online Doctor In Australia Benefit You?

We have all been there. You wake up with a pounding headache, it is hard to swallow, your eyes struggle to adjust and getting up out of bed seems almost impossible. You try and shake the feeling off with a strong cup of coffee but it is no use – you are sick.

During the current Coronavirus pandemic in Australia, this situation has become much worse. Can you just simply book an appointment at your local GP (General Practitioner)? Do you have to get tested for COVID-19 before you can book an appointment? Will the GP clinic even have an available appointment that is convenient for you?

This entire process can be stressful, time-consuming and incredibly inconvenient, especially when you’re sick. However, consulting with an online doctor in Australia provides a superior alternative to how Australians receive their healthcare.

So, how exactly can you benefit from online healthcare services and how are they helping people all over Australia receive access to professional medical advice?

Connecting Australians with online healthcare services

Australia is a massive country with a lot of land – and a lot of that land is still considered remote or rural. This means that the people living in these remote towns have extremely limited options when it comes to who they can consult with when it comes to their healthcare issues.

People in these areas can’t simply book an appointment at another medical clinic when their current one is either booked out or not available when they need it. On top of this, they will usually have to travel a very long distance to their local doctor, regardless if it is just for a general check-up, getting a prescription or for a referral.

This all changes with telemedicine providers. Australians living in remote areas now simply just need to create an account with a telemedicine service provider in order to gain instant access to a range of qualified doctors and professional healthcare services.

No matter their location, all they need is just a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone or tablet device with a solid internet connection – that’s it. They can then book an online appointment with a doctor and have a private consultation via call or video chat.

Chat with a doctor, no matter the time of day or night

Many Australians have experienced the situation of waking up in the middle of the night with a high temperature and feeling sick – yet no doctor clinics are open. In situations like these, trying to go back to sleep, or enduring a sleepless night, is the only option until the GP opens in the morning.

But with a telemedicine service, you can chat with an online doctor in Australia during any time of day or night because they operate 24/7. A healthcare professional can provide options such as assessing your condition, offering medical advice, issuing a medical certificate, writing a prescription and more.

No more crowded waiting rooms

One of the worst experiences of going into a medical clinic is having to wait around in a crowded waiting room. These waiting rooms are also filled with other sick patients, which can even put you at risk of catching something else on top of what you are already suffering from.

Offering a much more convenient and safer solution, telemedicine providers can connect you to a wide range of qualified online doctors from the comfort of your own home. No more hanging around loud and crowded medical clinic waiting rooms!

An appointment that’s convenient for you – not the GP

A common situation many Australians have faced is coming down with a cold or flu while at work. The boss agrees to send them home, but they must get a sick leave certificate until they can return. Their local GP will most likely won’t have an appointment available until much later in the day or the following day, which means they have to go home sick – only to venture out later.

By using an online doctor service instead, Australians can book an appointment with an available GP at a time that best suits them. This means they can have their appointment as soon as they get home and can spend the rest of their day focusing on getting better.

This is also ideal for getting prescriptions and referrals when at work. Rather than take half the day off work, Australians can book an appointment for when their break is and have a video consultation with an online doctor on their phone – without having to miss any time off work!

Don’t waste your precious time in a crowded medical clinic waiting room when you could be resting from the comfort of your own home. Sign up to a telemedicine service provider and speak to an online doctor in Australia today.

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