Interior Car Repairs Have Never Been so Easy!

The drivers of the world are constantly assaulted with an array of car ownership costs. One of the most prominent, is the ongoing maintenance costs. You buy the car, then pay for fuel and insurance, tax the car, get the license – and then need to repair it every month! Fees are high and times are hard… so do yourself an auto-owner favour and repair any interior scuffs, dents, or scratches, with some handy mouldable rubber.

What is this wonderful stuff and where can you get some? Hang on in there, we are getting to the good bit…

What are your Options for a Damaged Dashboard?

Picture this: you have come home with your ideal car, driven it twice, and now you notice there is a massive scratch in the dash. It looks torn and you don’t know how to fix it… What do you do next? What are your options for fixing the dashboard and getting back that original sense of perfection?

Traditionally, a trip to the garage would be your first option. They could either Repair or replace the dash for you. Either way, it will cost the initial fee even for the mechanic to look at it… and this can be anything above $18 p/h. If you need to replace a section, the costs soon add up. There is the price of the part, the time spent tracking it down, and the time spent fixing it to consider.

Since this is a pricey option, let’s look at some cheaper ways to fix that damaged dash.

The Dash Detail Technique

If your mechanic doesn’t have the facilities to repair your cracked dash, they might well refer you on to someone who can help. Often, car interiors can be carefully reconstructed by a detail orientated team. This is probably the most expert way to fix your classic car or most prized possession. For those of us not willing to re-mortgage the house to afford this costly car interior fix, we turn to option number three…

The Rubber Replacement Option

There are ways you can repair even the biggest crack in your dashboard, without having to splash out for a mechanic. Whether you have a classic car or a modern motor, Sugru mouldable glue is a putty capable of taking the strain. Not only does this glue set into a solid silicon that can support weight just like the real thing – it can be fully moulded into whichever shape you need it to be. This lets you imitate the dashboard details so closely that even an expert valet won’t be able to tell the difference.

What’s the difference in the three methods? The first two cost you a few hundred dollars. The last one costs you a visit to the Sugru website and won’t cost more than a fifty. When it comes to crunch time, there doesn’t seem to be much of a decision to make. Ultimately, the choice is yours… but mouldable rubber does everything the other two do for a fraction of the cost. It’s a durable repair that can withstand the same pressure as before. It’s waterproof, sets firm, and has a myriad of other great properties that make it a valid option for car maintenance. Try it on your cracked dash and see for yourself.

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