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Need a Beach Tent? Choose Your Type with Care

The heat of summers can be exhausting and dehydrating. But you needn’t suffer this at all, not if you have a Beach Tent under which you can have all the fun you want to in the outdoors. Getting yourself a portable tent on the beach will give you both fun and a sense of calm. And, of course, protection from the blazing heat.

However, if you don’t have one and are keen to buy one, you need to be sure that it has some basic features. Beach tents come with a lot of features, but choosing one depends a lot on your personal choice. While you shop, ensure that your choice of beach tent has these features:

Durable and Water-Resistant Material

Generally, polyester and nylon are used to make beach tents as they provide maximum shade at the beach. They are also durable and water-resistant. They also have flaps for openings. So, you can close the tent when there’s a strong wind blowing besides providing an extra protection layer while you’re swimming.

Lightweight Frame

Besides being durable, the tent’s frame should be lightweight and made either of aluminum or steel so that it’s rust-proof.


A good-sized tent should accommodate a couple and their two children. Apart from this, there needs to be some room for kids to play. There are some tents that also accommodate a table and chairs. So, when choosing a beach tent, be very sure of its capacity.

UPF Protection: Check that your beach tent has a UPF protection rate of 50 or more.


A good beach tent usually weighs about 4-5 kg. It also comes with a handle for easy portability and a storage bag.


Your beach tent needs to be protected against the strongest winds. For that, you need to fortify it with sandbags or stakes.

Types of Beach Tents
There are four main types of beach tents:


These tents can be set up easily. All you need to do is to take it out of its case and set it up within minutes. They are equally easy to roll up and put away. For ease of use, these tents are the best.

Baby Tents

If you have a little baby, you’re best to have a baby tent. These are characterized by their small size that suits a baby. They are made of excellent material.

Beach Canopy

For a beach get-to-together or a family reunion, nothing could beat a beach canopy in terms of the shade it offers a large group of people. They are easy to set up and take-down.


These tents are large enough to offer the best protection against the sun, and wind, and rain. They are so large that an entire family can fit into it easily. There are also beach tents that come with pet doors, which only enhances the quality of beach time enjoyment. And when you change your bathing suit and need privacy for it, just step behind the zippered wall in your cabana.


Choose the type of beach tent you want depending on your needs and the features that it comes with. If it suits your present and future needs well, then that’s the one for you.

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