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Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP): All You Need to Know

Skill building is essential for any job to get on to the track and stay on track. While ad-hoc training can address the current business needs, in-depth training is essential to build capability. It is necessary to upskill ourselves with the targeted certifications in the domain we are working for.

Like the business leaders, HR professionals are also endeavoring to realign various talent practices to suit the changing nature of business and work amid COVID-19. This needs a lot of brainstorming, thorough grinding of talent management principles, and experience in the field.

Everyone knows nothing is permanent and change is constant. This reminds us of the resiliency in the organization amid fear and lack of clarity. Talent leaders have pressing concerns to ensure that organization runs smoothly amid chaos. All these and other kinds of battles need skills and more than routine work. Preparing oneself with the talent management certification will smoothen the HR functions anytime anywhere across the globe. It takes us a long way in our careers.

Let’s get introduced to one of the most popular talent management certifications for senior HR professionals – Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMP) here.

Senior Talent Management Practitioner Certification

The Senior Talent Management Practitioner qualification provided by the Talent Management Institute is for HR professionals in their mid-career looking forward to higher responsibilities and positions.

Being at the mid-career level, you know exactly what it takes to shift away from general HR to talent management professionals. There is the need for new tools, knowledge, skills, and certification and STMP is the right answer for it. The STMPTM certification assures your employer of your advanced skills in handling complexities, evolving business landscape, HR accountabilities, and workforce dynamics.

Founded on the TMI standards and frameworks, this certification will equip HR professionals and enable them to stand distinct from their peers. TMI Universal Knowledge Framework (TMI-UKF) meets the professional expectations of top business leaders and gives a lift to your career graph. Today, tasks are becoming automated, outsourced, or distributed. To win through the situation, STMP is a right bet as it prepares you to excel and become more specialized.

Eligibility requirements of the STMP Certification

STMPis for the HR professionals who meet the eligibility criteria as mentioned here.

  • Should have completed Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management or Business Management or related disciplines and hold 7 or more years of experience in any of the HR sub-functions. In case, you have a Bachelor’s degree in other disciplines, then 8 years of experience is needed.
  • If you have a Master’s degree in the core subjects and 5 years of experience in HR functions, then you are eligible for the course. Suppose, you had a Master’s degree in common subjects, then 5 years of experience is needed.
  • Similarly, students with Master’s Degree/ Master’s Level Diploma in Human Resource Management or Business or Management or related disciplines from any of the TMI–recognized institutions with 5 years of experience are eligible.  
  • Also, candidates holding a Bachelor’s degree with an active certification by CIPD, HRCI, ATD, SHRM & other certification bodies that are recognized by TMI are also eligible to apply under QualiFLY program.

To get a detailed note on eligibility criteria and more information, you can visit the TMI web page here.

Steps to get enrolled for the STMP certification program

  • Meet the educational and work experience requirements as instructed.
  • Start the application submission process by creating ‘my TMI’ account. Submit the required documents along with the prescribed fees.
  • Your submissions will get validated against prescribed candidacy prerequisites.
  • You will receive a learning resource box at the address registered with TMI. It is a self-paced learning program.
  • TMI gives you a period of 180 days to earn the certification. The days are counted from the day of the payment to the applicants including days to study, prepare, and the exam.
  • Attend the online exam as instructed. Pass the STMP exam by meeting the conditions defined by the TMI Professional Certifications Board.
  • Get qualified and awarded with the STMP credential and the Digital Badge.

Attending the STMP Exam

TMI exams are computer-based tests and is timed for 120 minutes. The exams are delivered on the advanced exam platform – ExamStrong. Further, you can also attend the exam in the private proctored mode once it gets verified and approved by ExamStrong. A typical STMP exam comprises of Type A, B, and C questions for a total of 60 questions.

Qualifying for the STMP Exam

To qualify for the exam, it is necessary to score 65%-70%. A complex algorithm will make qualification decisions, after nullifying the geographic and other environmental factors which can skew performance.

Final Thoughts

Talent management professionals must stay updated with the new developments in the field, gain additional knowledge, and address the new challenges of industry 4.0 and unexpected challenges like COVID-19 that we are facing today.

Enroll yourself for the qualification. Stay in pace and stay on the race by learning the evolving trends. Get certified and stay ahead of the curve always.  

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