Tips to Maintain Baby Shoes’ Hygiene During a Pandemic

As the coronavirus pandemic rages across the world, most of us are trying to avoid stepping out of our homes. If you have a toddler or a baby at home, there is a continuous requirement of items they need. More and more parents are turning to online stores for their clothes and other needs. Baby shoes online shopping is also now a trend, as parents no longer wish to visit the local stores. It is not just about buying the right kind of shoes, but it is also necessary to maintain the hygiene of your baby’s shoes during this time, especially when the world is fighting a disease. (Information source: www.shooshoos.com)

While we need to ensure we wash and sanitize our hands as much as possible, it is also important that we keep other items clean, such as our shoes.

Keep Disinfecting the Baby Shoes:

While your baby might not be walking around in their shoes as much as they used to, it is still important that you disinfect and clean them properly. This will ensure that no germs or bacteria can harm your little one. Babies are far more sensitive to bacteria and disease and are not yet aware of how to practice proper hygiene. Remember to use only organic and safe disinfectants.

Use a Soft Brush:

Though you will find several items that can assist you when cleaning toddler shoes, one of the products which is mostly required is a soft brush. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or dust that appears on the surface of the shoes. If you feel the need, you can also use a soft brush to clean the shoes.

Follow the Shoe Care Instructions:

When you buy baby shoes online, you will notice that there are specific care instructions recommend to you. As the shoes will be delivered to your home, you can go through these instructions. This involves cleaning them before every use, sanitizing them regularly and keeping them separate from your adult shoes. Adult shoes tend to collect more dirt and bacteria, so it is important to keep both these shoes separate.

Storage of Shoes:

Where do you store your baby’s shoes? Storing the shoes in the right place is important. Shoes should always be stored in a dry and cool place. If the closet or the storage area is messy or dirty, it may collect dust and other debris which could affect the shoes by damaging them or giving your little one skin problems.

Keep the Shoes Dry:

Ensure that the shoes are always dry when your baby is wearing them or when you are storing it. If the shoes are wet or damp, they might get damaged and become breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

Never compromise on the safety of your little one. When you buy baby shoes via online shopping, ensure you research the proper care requirements to ensure utmost longevity.

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