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Top 5 Easy Ways to Start a Plant-Based Diet

More people are now converting to a more plant-based diet for many good reasons. Consuming more plant-based food may help lessen risks of developing high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease. So for people who are trying to lose weight or conscious about living a healthy lifestyle, switching to a plant-based diet is a no-brainer.

But before you get started on eating less meat, there are a few things you need to know to make the transition easier and fun. Here are some tips you can try if you’re preparing to integrate plant-based diet to your lifestyle:

Start with breakfast


You don’t have to completely and immediately change your daily meal plan. You can ease your way into a plant-based diet starting with your breakfast. Fortunately, there are loads of delicious but healthy breakfast options you can try, from gluten-free oats to avocado toast, according to healthy food specialist Nosh

Then when you already feel comfortable having plant-based food breakfast and have a better idea of what to eat or prepare, you can try moving on to lunch or even dinner.

Forget what you think about meat


Meat used to be the main focus of every meal. Food is prepared with meat as the main course in mind. This is why some have a hard time eating less meat. To counter this and to help you transition to a more plant-forward diet, you need to forget what you think about meat. Consumer smaller amounts and use meat only as a garnish instead of preparing your meal around it. You can try to make a meal around a bowl of leafy salad instead then start from there.

Don’t sacrifice protein

Switching to a more plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to eliminate protein from your meals. In fact, many non-meat foods are rich in protein. Beans, peas and quinoa, for instance, are rich in protein and also great sources of fibre. If you want to have a balanced diet and eat less meat, make sure you have these foods in your daily menu.

Stick to flavours you love

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One common issue people have when starting a plant-based diet is that the food may not at all match their taste buds. Some would just fall back to eating red meat just because they love the taste of it. What they don’t know is that they can easily substitute meat with plants without sacrificing flavour.

For example, they can try lentil as a substitute for meat when making tacos. Also, tofu, when chopped into pieces, is popular among vegan-converts because its consistency is very similar ground beef, which is great in case you suddenly miss eating ground beef.

Reward yourself

Lastly, it’s best to give yourself a positive reinforcement so you can switch to plant-based meals. Reward yourself with fruits for dessert, for example, after every hearty meal.

Switching to a plant-forward diet may be tough at first, but it’s not impossible with planning and preparation. Over time, it will be a huge part of your lifestyle and you’ll be thanking yourself for sticking to the plan.

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