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Top features must-have in any freelancing website

Well, freelancing has considerably changed the way people work usually. It’s going to surge even more in upcoming years. With the help of technology today, it’s possible to work online without being dependent on any organization.   

Undeniably, people have accepted this way of working online as it brings a lot of conveniences and allows you to work you want to do. Due to the extensive popularity of freelancing work, you may see a lot of such platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancers on the internet to kickstart as freelancers.

As the number of people rises in preferring freelancing platforms, many of us want to develop a website similar to a freelancer. For that purpose, you can use Freelance script to develop a clone website. It comes with all the features and functionality which one freelancing platform needs. 

It’s an alternative to website development from scratch, which usually takes a lot of time. However, these days most of the people are using the best freelancer clone script for website development. While using it, you need to make sure that it gives your viewers the most demanding set of features. Let’s discuss some of the best features which you must include on your website to make it the perfect freelancing platform. 

1. Multiple payment gateways

One of the essential features your freelance website should include. After completing the project, it’s necessary to make payment to the freelancer, and if you have an inbuilt payment gateway, then it becomes much more convenient for them.

Your website must allow users to make payments with the help of the credit/debit card, PayPal, net banking, and many more. Most of the PHP freelance script gives this option inbuilt. Moreover, it’s also essential to make sure that every transaction is secured from unauthorized access. For that, the security of the best freelancer clone script makes a considerable impact. People don’t believe in you until and unless you give them a secure platform. Hence, try to include this salient feature on your website. 

2. Review and ratings

Another very much important point which your freelancing website must include. Every freelancer is highly concerned about the feedback that clients give to them.

After completing the project for any client, they may rate you based on your work. It would be best if you always tried to convince them so that it gives high and positive feedback. Moreover, it also reflects on the upcoming projects you will get.

Generally, people would definitely look for the reviews and ratings before giving you any project. It will also help you in demanding a higher price. Therefore, make sure that your Freelance script provides this option very carefully. 

3. Bidding system

From the freelancers’ and employers’ perspective, this feature is vital. Every freelancer wants to place a bid for suitable projects. When a project is on a bigger scale, requires more effort, bidding will be placed on the website. 

Rather than negotiating with every freelancer, it’s an effective way to decide the freelancers’ prices and requirements. Your Freelance script must provide all the functionality to let the user place a bid easily. 

Furthermore, it will also help employers to find the most appropriate people for their projects. By looking at the skills and experience, you can decide whom to give the project. Thus, while developing a website from scratch or using a PHP freelance script, this feature must be included.

4. Messaging system

Communication between freelancer and client is very much important to get the desired result. It helps to clear the doubts, ask questions, and much more. It’s like a simple chat system. Your website must include advanced and easy to use messaging systems. You can ask your Freelance script provider to make it as per your taste. It’s a better option to have it inbuilt rather than using the emails and calls.

5. Advanced search and filter

It’s highly essential to have a powerful search option on your website to find the most appropriate job for you. Every day thousands of jobs are posted on the freelancing platform, you need to find the most relevant to you. 

It’s hard to locate the one perfect job for you after getting a lot of results. For that purpose, you can use a filter option to reduce the number of results. Based on various criteria, you can apply filters on the list you have got. Therefore, Your best freelancer clone script must have this feature.

Wrapping up

Unquestionably, what feature you are adding in your website makes a significant impact on the user traffic you get. People will be more emphasized on what you serve to them. Your website must be developed with considering all the user demand in mind. As mentioned earlier, the points will help you decide the features you need to incorporate in any freelancing platform.

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