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Top interesting facts about pearls

Pearl jewelleries and accessories have been around mankind ever since we first established our kingdoms. In the early days, it was the pride of fishermen then it became the glory of every royalty. Centuries have passed but the beauty of pearls is still unmatched and unbeatable. One of the rarest naturally occurring gem, pearls are popular even in the modern times. Every jeweller and gemstone dealer have an exclusive collection of amazing and brilliant pearl jewelleries and accessories like traditional pearl nosepins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and what not. With so much beauty and excellence to its bounty, let’s discover some amazing and interesting facts about pearls:

The only naturally-occurring gemstone formed by living creatures

There are many precious gemstones that are naturally found such as gold, silver or diamond. but out of all the types of naturally-occurring gemstones, pearl is the only one that is birthed by living creatures. The two types of natural pearls are both formed by living sea creatures called oysters and molluscs.

Pearls are really rare jewels

Not every oyster makes a pearl. Pearls are formed as a form of reaction by the oysters due to contact with irritants in the sea. It is not a body part of the oyster itself. Hence, it is very rare to find a pearl, leave alone a perfectly round pearl.

99% of used pearls today are cultivated

As pearls are rarely found, it is very difficult to fulfil the high demand for them. To counter this problem, Kochiki Mikimoto developed the first cultivate pearl in 1896. Ever since then, the pearl market has been relying on cultivate pearls rather than over-fishing and hunting of poor oysters.

Only aristocrats wore pearls in the ancient times

In the times of Julius Ceaser, there was a decree passed that only aristocrats and nobles were allowed to wear pearls. Rome was always high on class and pride and thus wanted to have clarity in its social class distinction. Pearls were a symbol of prosperity and richness and thus could only be afforded by the aristocrats.

The first pearl was found 7500 years ago

In the grave of Umm al Quwain of the Arabs, the world’s oldest pearl was found. With carbon dating, it was discovered in 2012 that the found pearl was 7500 years old. Even after so many years, the shine and texture of the pearl were intact which was simply astonishing.

Pearls are the birthstone of the month June

Pearls are said to symbolise purity, loyalty and clarity. These are said to be the classic traits of good morale and highly esteemed people. With such auspicious traits, the gemstone pearl is also known as the birthstone for June borns.

Thus, if you are looking into buying a pearl jewellery, do not hesitate. It is one of the only gemstones which has stayed in fashion even after so many decades. No matter when and how you wear it, it will always magnify your beauty and bring out your best charms.

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