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13 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

As a 12-year-old boy, I already knew I wanted to be a writer. Preferably a famous one, but I had no idea how to make that happen. It took until I was 26 for my first book to roll off the presses and that was a special moment. The booklet was a success; of course also because of the media attention. The success of the first booklet made me want more and I wrote 9 more quickly after that until my publisher got a ‘publishers block’; she quit the fund of the genre books I wrote.

Causes of Writers Block

The cessation of publishing booklets for the business market caused me a writer’s block. I began to doubt the usefulness of the books I wrote and lost my motivation for a moment; one of the best known causes of writer’s block. Other causes that can cause writer’s block are:

  • Lack of ideas for topics to write about.
  • Procrastination (thinking you don’t have time).
  • Doubts about your own writing skills.
  • Fear of (previous) criticism.
  • Uncertainty about a plot.
  • The story just won’t grow in your head.
  • Temporary depression.

I do not pretend to know all the causes of writers block because they can of course differ from writer to writer, but let me share here how I managed to overcome my ‘writers and publishers block’ and then wrote 14 more books and Joost may know how many articles .

What you can do about Writer’s Block?

I have found the following ghostwriting solution in my area for eliminating writer’s block and I hope you find something in between to free yourself from them.

  • Talk about it with colleagues / friends / family members and use their suggestions.
  • Make lists about possible subjects, suddenly etc.
  • Are you someone like me who fills notebooks with scribbles, ideas, observations? Then read them again! In it you may find a forgotten idea that is suitable for a nice story, book, blog etc.
  • Not using a notebook? Purchase immediately and take it anywhere. Do not do this digitally, because handwritten information has a greater learning effect than digital information! This is also called ‘free writing’.
  • If you spend too much time thinking about topics? Then clear your head and go for a long walk. (That’s where I got my ideas for a book about the Camino.)
  • Go to an ‘old-fashioned’ library and see what has already been published about a theme that you could and would like to write about. Maybe this will help you get a good idea.
  • Have a look through a stack of magazines. Because it usually contains many short articles, there is a good chance that you will find something that will inspire you.
  • A change of scenery can also help. I once rented a house in Spain for two months and got an idea for my book ‘Secrets of Success’.
  • ‘Delegate’ your request for a solution from your writer’s block to your subconscious mind. Believe it or not, when I talk to myself aloud: ‘If you start thinking about a solution, I will do something else’, at the craziest moments afterwards I get a ‘reaction’ in the form of an idea that comes to mind. (Maybe this is even a topic for a book?)
  • Put your thoughts on paper without thinking about subjects, spelling, style, punctuation, etc. So, find a place where you are not too distracted, type or write your first thought and just continue embroidering on it. That way you create ‘momentum’.
  • If you are a tea drinker, Pickwick will help you with questions and quotes on the label of your tea bag. This recently helped me to find a nice topic for an article.
  • Routine sometimes also helps. Force yourself to start writing at a set time; idea or no idea. Turn off your mobile, avoid being disturbed by the plings if you receive an email or other things that could disturb you.
  • When I want to steer my thoughts away from the topic of “writing,” I often play a game of Sudoku or a video game. Listening to my favorite music also helps.
  • Consider hiring a writing coach who can help you as a sparring partner to free you from your writer’s block.

If you’re experiencing writer’s block, I hope you’ve got some ideas here on how to overcome it successfully. Of course you can respond to these articles and share your solutions for writers block.

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