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9 Life Hacks For Effective Writing

This article will tell you how to write any article effectively and correctly. So, here are life hacks and tricks for writing accurately.

1- Draw A Plan

Before you write an article for anything, draw up its plan: the structure. Write down the main points and break them down into sub-points. Most experts who help with the dissertation in UK use this method for writing effectively.

Life Hack:

Use the following structure template:

  • Title (relevance of the problem)
  • Content (how to solve the problem: description of methods)
  • Conclusion (the resulting outcome)

2- Use Alternative Ways

When writing a long article, it is not easy to understand exactly where to start and what to include in it. As a result, the article is not written at all. You can use different techniques to generate ideas and then structure a large amount of material.

Life Hack

You can use freewriting to generate ideas. Once you complete some pages, reread it and give it a proper structure.

3- Better In The Morning

After waking up, sit, and start writing. The brain works better in the morning. Since you have not yet had time to do anything, your brain will be fully active. Of course, you need to sleep for at least 8 hours to wake up fresh. That’s the right time to create new ideas.

Life Hack

How to write articles effectively? Just! To do this, do not eat breakfast before writing. That is, wake up, work, and then ate. A study found that cognitive tasks are completed faster and better on an empty stomach.

4- Comfortable Environment

Be sure to remove unnecessary and uncomfortable items from the study table. Your room might be the most comfortable place for you. Sit there and have enough light in the place you write. Then have a cup of coffee to help you tune in.

Life Hack

Turn on the music; it will help you tune in to the right atmosphere and save you from unnecessary thoughts. 

5- Write In A Stream

How to write articles for the site correctly? Write in a stream, that’s right, That is, write whatever you want, any thoughts. Don’t be afraid to write something off-topic. Your task is to put the whole stream of thoughts on paper, and you will filter it later. Even the best essay writing services recommend this technique.

Life Hack

Don’t go back to the beginning of the text until you’re done. This can lead you astray.

6- Use A Timer

Here is the secret of how to write an article quickly. To do this, turn on the timer for 2 hours and make a promise to yourself to write without any pause.

Life Hack

Download a free timer program for your computer. 

7- Use The Keys Combination

Once you have mastered all the keyboard features, you will be able to write more comfortably and faster. Find the combinations that work best for you and get used to using them.

Life Hack

Master the most commonly used key combinations. To select all the text press Ctrl + A. For undoing the last action, use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Z. To save the current document, press Ctrl + S.

8- Short Sentences

If you can cut it, do it. Non-readers love loaded sentences and are ready to perceive adverbial expressions in articles. Therefore, before writing an article, remember this rule.

Life Hack

The sentence should be written in a way that a person can read it in one go. If there is not enough air to read to the end, then shorten the sentence or break it up.

9- Keep it Simple

It would be best if you use the language of the readers by using their words. For example, if you write for mothers with children, then the parliamentary style will not suit this target audience. The method is suitable for writing articles for both the site and the blog.

Life Hack

Explore forums and social media groups to understand how your target audience is talking. You can also borrow a few words from them to be exactly on the same page.

These life hacks will allow you to write anything blog, website content, term paper, or even essays effectively and quickly. If you follow these tricks, eventually, your writing skills will also improve.

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