A Few Useful Tips for Bearded Dragon Care

Bearded dragons belong to the reptile family of animals. It is a type of lizard. In different parts of the world, different kinds of lizards can be found. Bearded dragons are mainly found in Australia. These lizards have spiky skin texture near their throats. The spikes appear like beards. Hence, the lizards are named as bearded dragons. In both males and females of this type of lizard, the beard or spiky skin texture can be noted. In Australia and the USA, these reptiles are quite popular as pets. It is easy to make them pets. They also live for around 10 years. Hence, petting them is a long term commitment.

Suitability of Bearded Dragons as Pets

Accordingly, surveys, more than 5 million households in America have bearded dragons as their pets. Hence, they are quite popular as pets. In the USA and Australia, bearded dragons are generally called “Beardies”. These cute and non-violent reptiles are quite simple to be adopted. There are different types of lizard dragons. Some of these dragons can cause harm to humans. Some of the dragons do not cause any type of harm. Bearded dragons do not cause any harm to humans. If you have kids at home, you do not have to worry about any harm to your kids when you adopt bearded dragons.

It is easier to adopt bearded dragons than adopting a cat or dog. First of all, you do not have to give a lot of time to these lizards. They stay fine without any attention from the owners. This is not the case for dogs and cats. Another notable thing is that you do not have high expenses for nurturing the bearded dragons. Bearded dragon care is inexpensive. They require little medical attention. If you feed them well and take proper of them, you do not have to take them for medical checkups at all.

Health and Happiness of Bearded Dragons

When you decide to have a pet, you need to know the details of the health and happiness of that animal. Knowing various habits of the animals will help you to understand whether your pet is happy or not. Unhappiness among the pets generally suggests poor health. When pets do not get foods, they also feel unhappy. So, how to understand the health and happiness of bearded dragons? In the following section, you can get a guide.

  • Brumation Period: This is a type of hibernation that is common among the reptiles. Typically, this happens in the winter or fall season. The period lasts for a week or maybe 10 days. During this time, Beardies would not eat anything. They shall also sleep heavily during this time.  It is perfectly normal. Such a thing suggests that your pet is happy and healthy.
  • Alert and Active: When you see your Beardie stay alert and active, you can ascertain that the pet is healthy. When it is not active and alert, it should be taken to a doctor for medical checkups. However, age is a factor in this. With growing age, alertness or activeness of Bearded Dragons becomes feeble.

Common Illnesses of Bearded Dragons

Although you would not find your bearded dragon to fall ill often, they suffer from a few common diseases. Some of these diseases are:

  • Paralysis: This is not a common disease. It happens due to injury to the spinal cord. They have a feeble spinal cord. Thus, you should not hold their neck. Sometimes, they injure the neck when swallowing large food particles. Injury to the spine leads to paralysis and even death.
  • Metabolic Bone Disease: This is a common disease for the Beardies. It happens due to a shortage of vitamin D, phosphorus, and calcium in the body cells. You need to feed veggies and meats that are enriched with these items. Otherwise, your bearded dragon will face metabolic bone disease.
  • Mouth Rot: A yellowish substance may appear around the mouth of the Beardie. This is a sign of mouth rot, and it happens due to poor hygiene. If mouth rot happens, you need to take the Beardie to a pet care center.

Apart from these things, respiratory infection is a common thing among the Beardies. If a respiratory problem happens, Beardie will become a sloth. Visiting a pet care center at the earliest is recommended in such cases.

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