Kia Spectra

Get Same Day Delivery of Auto Glass for Commuter Cars like the KIA Spectra

With so many new cars in the market, it may sound surprising, but good auto glass dealers experience steady demand for windscreens and other glass parts of old yet reliable cars such as the Kia Spectra

Many people are still fond of these old cars, due to the reliability and lower prices of these cars as compared to the new cars. Mostly referred to as commuter cars, the maintenance cost is also quite low. 

Thus, factors like reliable, lower prices, and low maintenance cost are what make most people choose these cars for everyday use, whether it is to go to the office, or to do other day-to-day activities like shopping or dropping off children at school. 

However, getting the right auto glass parts for these old cars can be difficult. Without proper understanding, a person can end up buying fake parts that can break apart unexpectedly, and the manufacturer may also provide no warranty for such products. 

Why Getting the Right Auto Glass is Difficult?

Commuter cars, like the one mentioned above, are already out from the main sale market. The car production stopped by 2009, and gradually the auto glass and other body parts have gone rarer over time.

Mechanical parts of a car can sometimes be used from other cars if the original parts are not available. However, the glass parts like windshields, mirrors, headlights, taillights are very custom-made for the car model, and it is specifically made in such a way that it doesn’t fit with other cars and other car parts don’t fit with it as well. Therefore, it takes a very influenced and experienced dealer to get hold of the original glass parts and windshields of these cars. 

The glass parts of a car are subject to damage during transport. The service provider has to handle the products with utmost care as there is a possibility of breakage and other losses while transporting the glass parts to their facility and then getting it delivered to the customer quickly on time. 

Due to these reasons, very few service providers are interested in handling glass parts of a car; and only the best and most experienced are capable of providing top-level service while catering to the customers with such distinct and rarer requirements.

How to get the right parts?

Several trusted sites offer a wide range of auto glass & other body parts such as windscreens, taillights, mirrors, windows, and headlights at low prices. A customer has just to browse the internet and purchase from a reliable website.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you find a reliable parts supplier online:

  • It is best to check the amount of experience a dealer has before making any purchases on their website. A customer must make sure if they are being provided with authentic products, and the dealer is offering all the warranties attached to the product.
  • It is also advisable to contact their customer care support and ask them about the part you need. A customer must always choose a dealer that provides good customer support and after-sales service. 
  • When it comes to used car glass parts, there are many fakes in the market as the original parts aren’t easily available. To understand the difference between the fake and the original parts, a customer can also contact the car manufacturer or the parts supplier and ask them to assist on how to distinguish original parts from the fake ones.
  • Finally, it is better to go with a dealer who can provide same-day delivery for the parts. This is very important to avoid getting into any legal problems due to faulty or missing parts in the car.

Going through these basic factors, an individual can ensure that good products are being delivered for the value that is being paid.


In general, purchasing a new car may seem to be the best choice; however, getting rid of a perfectly running old car, just because some glass parts and body parts are not available, doesn’t seem to be a great wise choice either.

With the above discussion, we can understand that it can be difficult to locate the right parts for old used cars like KIA Spectra, but with proper online research and patience, one can easily find original glass parts, mirrors, headlights, and taillights for their cars. 

It is very advisable to act patiently and check very well before making any online purchase of glass parts for your car. Companies handle a lot of transportation hassles for an order of glass parts, and as a customer, your time and money are invested in it as well. Therefore, it is best to enquire and ensure everything about the product before making the final purchase, to avoid losses and hassles for both the customer and the service provider.

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