Here’s How to Cope up With Serious illnesses

Serious illnesses, such as heart ailment and cancer, lead to a substantial number of fatalities in India every year. For instance, the ischemic heart disease kills nearly 4,000 individuals in India daily. 

  • In a year, around 15.4 lakh Indians lose their lives to ischemic heart disease.
  • Cancer, on the other hand, claims the lives of an additional 7.80 lakh individuals.

Studying the various health problems in the country reveals that most of the severe illnesses are related to lifestyle disorders. Thus, a change in lifestyle often complements an existing treatment for improved management of such conditions. 

However, in severe cases, individuals may have to depend on immediate healthcare, along with the aforementioned healthy changes to lifestyle over time.

Ways to manage serious health conditions

Depending on the condition one suffers from, his/her primary healthcare provider will recommend the best course of action. For instance, chronic health conditions are generally manageable with proper medication, diet and exercise. The following habits and practices can help one lead a healthy life even with a serious long-term prognosis of a critical disease.

  • Regular consultations with doctors

Individuals suffering from severe health problems may need to report any changes in their health as per the tracked vitals to a doctor immediately. For instance, one suffering from diabetes recording high glucose levels will need to consult his/her physician if experiencing dizziness or other such alarming symptoms while on medication. In some cases, patients are also advised to visit their doctors for routine check-ups even if they do not experience any such symptoms.

  • Compliance with medications

Individuals suffering from severe illnesses also often need to rely on medication and other treatment procedures, at least until the condition dissipates, if not for post-treatment care. However, prescription compliance is a major issue that can hamper one’s chances of recovery when diagnosed with such health problems.

  • According to the World Health Organisation, 50% of the prescriptions filled for chronic conditions are taken incorrectly.
  • Additionally, around 40% of such patients fail to adhere to the recommended treatment schedule.

To ensure the best outcomes, an individual should follow all of the doctor’s recommendations correctly. It is especially true for drug dosage and its frequency.

  • Following an active lifestyle

A majority of Indians do not adhere to the physical activity requirements, irrespective of whether they are affected by any health condition or not. Most individuals avoid exercising regularly or even four to five days a week. Such sedentary living is responsible for several of the chronic illnesses affecting the populace. For instance, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and many others are easily manageable through regular physical exercise. 

  • More than 135 million Indians suffer from obesity.
  • The illness is also one of the major causes of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, heart conditions, and cholesterol imbalance.

Thus, a simple way to cope with severe health problems is to adopt a proper fitness regime, which should help one maintain his/her body weight, muscle health, and blood circulation for overall health and wellness.

  • Sticking to a proper diet chart

Individuals diagnosed with critical health issues are also often advised to visit a professional nutritionist and acquire a recommended diet chart. Intake of balanced nutrition is the simplest way to prevent diseases from progressing further. Combined with exercise, a proper diet can significantly lead to remarkable improvements in one’s health.

Consulting with nutritionists and your primary caregiver can be difficult, especially considering the substantial cost of consultations today. A Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card can help one afford such medical expenses without overburdening his/her finances.

Reasons why the digital health card is suitable for individuals with serious illnesses

Using a health card provides the following benefits to individuals suffering from chronic conditions as well as otherwise. The comprehensive digital healthcare financing benefits extended only makes it easier for patients with critical illnesses finance their healthcare expenses well. 

  1. Convert outstanding medical liabilities, ranging up to an amount of Rs.4 lakh, into affordable monthly instalments.
  2. Service the debt using a flexible repayment tenure, which can extend up to 2 years.
  3. Avail attractive discounts and offers on expenses made at select partner outlets. Cardholders should check the official website for ongoing promos and offers at various pharmacies, stores, and outlets.
  4. Coverage for more than 800 essential and non-essential medical procedures. The card also covers alternative forms of therapy, including homoeopathy and AYUSH. Additionally, the cost of surgeries can also be financed using this health card.
  5. The digital healthcare solution offers financial coverage for medical care expenses to the entire family, and not just the cardholder. Your children, parents, spouse and siblings can thus also utilise this financial tool to fund medical expenses.
  6. You can avail cashless treatment at more than 5,500 network facilities spread out across 1000+ cities in India. Cardholders can check where the nearby partner facilities are situated before opting for this health card.
  7. Individuals can avail an insta-card by paying a nominal one-time fee of Rs.707, while a non-insta card is available at just Rs.589.

Coping with the financial strain of severe health problems is simple today, thanks to the presence of such digital medical cards. One can apply for the health card online without submitting any documents. With instant activation, cardholders can begin utilising its benefits instantaneously.

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