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SouthVille Maelk Showcases All the Facts of Milk Processing

SouthVille Maelk Unfolds Its Concept of Milk Preparation

We, at SouthVille Maelk are laying out the minutiae that is involved in the entire process of milk making. Well, we must tell you that milk making undergoes a series of technicalities that we would be glad to define here in detail. Since we have our high-tech farms with more-milk-quantity-giving cows, and that also, not in hundreds but in thousands, we do have sophisticated and high-end machines, that turn our so much effort and hard work sweet potatoes.

First, our machines concentrate on the milking of cows, which is proceeded by draining out the milk from the teats of cows. The machine holds cow’s teats on its own and then sucks the milk, which is then transported into vacuum containers. After this, the milk is chilled to temperatures that are just slightly more than 0 degrees.

And then comes the turn of pasteurisation. Now, you must be questioning what pasteurisation is. Well, to add on to your knowledge, we must tell you that the milk delivery in delhi, after been chilled, is put to boil. Note that we boil the milk consistently and we make sure that the temperature should reach to at least 72 degrees. And this is done for at least a quarter of a minute. Once the boiling of milk is over, we move to the next step. And that is to cool it down. Boiling wards off unsafe bacteria and other impurities that could have been present in the milk previously.

Once the milk cools off, there comes the turn of homogenizing it. It means that we concoct the milk so that the milk gets properly blended with the cream. This enables the cream to permeate into the entire milk, and the milk then again turns creamy and tasty. You can also find that the milk has become thick, due to the richness of cream in it, which has again got retained through homogenization.

In contemporary times, with the advent of modern techniques and modern machines, the volume of milk extracted usually remains steady all through the year. We don’t have to wait for the cows to give birth to babies first, or we don’t have to wait for them to reach their productive period. Technology has made it all possible and we are proud of making good use of it.

Just like all the milk manufacturing agencies in the world, we at SouthVille Maelk, do adhere international regulations that are followed by Australia as well as New Zealand. According to these regulations, every agency must make it sure that their milk is concocted with essential proteins and fats, the former should be nearing to 3% and the latter should be close to 3.2%. Such an amalgam is a mandatory to all the agencies and we are proud to be strictly going parallel with it.

Above mentioned were the most common techniques that we follow. Now, let us tell you that there are number of ways through which we make number of amendments in the entire milk mixture. Let us start off:

Diffusive Segregation

This process is generally used to separate fat from the milk. You must have heard of ‘skimmed milk’. Yes, this milk is bereaved of any kind of fat. Those who wish milk without cream, do prefer this milk. However, the fat that is taken out from this milk is used in many other ways, such as adding it to other extracted milk, so as to make it richer and thicker.


As the name suggests, this is a draining process in which the milk is filtered, but the calcium, along with cream and protein is withheld. Essential taste builder such as sugar is then supplemented to this milk along with some water, to fulfil the choices of users.

Reverse and Ultra Osmosis

These processes are also refining process, through which water is drained out from the milk and at same time they make sure that it doesn’t make any difference to taste.

In all the above-mentioned processes, every attempt is made to sustain calcium, proteins, vitamins, amino acids as well as minerals in the milk. Therefore, make SouthVille Maelk your hand-picked brand and gain all that it provides to your health in the form of very necessary nutrients.

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