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4 tips if you want to renovate yourself

Which renovations can you carry out yourself? If you hire people to take care of your renovation, the costs can quickly add up. If you (partly) roll up your sleeves yourself, you will meet your bank account. That is why we have selected for you what you can then focus your eyes on.

1. Install a veranda yourself
Verandas come in all shapes and sizes. You have verandas made of wood, aluminum, with glass sliding walls, with a roof that can be opened and closed and much more. If you are a bit handy, you can easily install a veranda at your house with good preparations. The company where you purchase the veranda must of course supply the canopy as a do-it-yourself package. And if there are clear instructions available, such as a YouTube video where all steps are shown, then that is very useful. If you have all the materials and tools available, it is mainly a matter of doing. Read carefully, because if you have to place glass plates of 80 kilograms, for example, then you do that most easily with a glass lift.

2. Place a carport yourself
A carport is comparable to a patio cover, but you mainly use the space for a different purpose. This renovation may be easier to realize than a patio cover. Your car in particular needs to be able to stand dry underneath, so you probably don’t need all kinds of extensions and embellishments. Also with a carport, order it from a company that works with do-it-yourself packages. Also read reviews, because can consumers handle the instructions, or do most still have to hire an expensive professional?

3. You do demolition yourself
Even if you are so clumsy, you can probably clean wallpaper yourself, pull off carpeting and demolish a wall. It can be tedious work, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. You can of course also let workmen do it, but then you will lose more money. Demolition is easy to do yourself, although you cannot just swing the sledgehammer randomly. Certain vibrations can cause cracks or breakage elsewhere in the house. Then you are of course further away from home. You should also not accidentally hit a gas pipe during demolition. Therefore, getting advice, possibly including the construction drawing of the house, is not an unnecessary luxury.

4. Check out the art on YouTube
Do you want to install tiles in your bathroom or brick a wall yourself, but have you never done this before? Well, maybe you just have it in you, but only a little bit of knowledge is still missing. There are countless professionals on YouTube who explain in great detail how to proceed. It may take a little more effort and time this way, but you can seriously save on costs. Of course it is counterproductive if you make major mistakes and still have to call in a specialist. Therefore, be realistic and honest with yourself. Good luck!

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