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Benefits of Stable, High-Quality Content Marketing

If there is something that defines the fundamental feature of the digital world of business, it will be attracting customers through advertising. Here, the role of high-quality content is integral in accurately presenting the message that brands and organizations wish to convey to the target audience. 

Presently, approximately 91% of the B2B sites use high quality and stable content as their core marketing strategy. Again, while 85% of B2C marketers use content marketing services, 75% of the B2B marketers who have never used content marketing services before are showing interest in developing it in the coming one year.

Even more noteworthy is that presently the contemporary brands and organizations reserve about 29% of their B2B marketing budget only for content marketing. 

Perhaps, the popularity of content marketing can be well understood from these statistics. 

But you may want to know how high-quality contents will benefit your business in particular. So, here are some reasons that will really make you think seriously about it. Read on.

1. More traffic generation

Businesses get the right boost when a substantial volume of organic traffic comes to their website. This is exactly what high-quality content does. It increases the influx of organic traffic. 

High-quality content contains the right selection of keywords and in the right frequency. They are appropriately SEO optimized and precisely checked in grammar checker and duplicate content checker free

Moreover, the messages that these content present are powerful enough to retain the audience onto the page for a considerable time. The result is that the search engine ranking of these pages comprising of the high-quality content increases.

Also, these contents appear more frequently in popular search engines like Google. The reason for this is, Google has a typical preference for such SEO optimized quality contents.

In a report published by SparkToro, it was shown that in 2018 Google generated 57.8% traffic only through content marketing.

2. Generate greater trustworthiness

It cannot be generalized that the digital world is absolutely trustworthy. There are lots of conmen in this digital space who are not into fair businesses. Their motive is to mishandle the sensitive details of people and indulge in ill practices. 

But high-quality content goes a long way in garnering the trustworthiness of target customers. 

Firstly, a website is all about the content that informs about the brand, its products or services, and offers. Thus, the first step towards reliability establishment gets successfully done when a brand has a website with high quality and relevant content.

Secondly, when quality content gets published on the official website of a brand regularly, it increases the interactiveness of the pages. The targeted audience feels that a brand which invests a considerable sum in content marketing regularly is not going to cheat them. 

So, finally, it is the credibility of the brand that gets established in the process.

3. Great for lead generation

Lead generation is directly related to an increase in sales volume. Here, content marketing strategy serves as a key catalyst.

High-quality content can convince customers to act positively on the call to action (CTA). These contents make customers think seriously about purchasing products or services from the brand. Eventually, new sales leads get generated. 

In this context, the report of Jumplead presents that companies who have invested in quality contents as part of their marketing strategy have experienced a 55% increase in the sales lead. 

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