How to play looper darts?

Looper darts, also known as loops or loopy, is a popular darts game that you can play with a few people. In this game, the loops refer to the enclosed areas of the numbers that are displayed around the dart board, and they are in play. When the target is decided, the players can take turns to hit it. If they succeed, they can set the next target.

Rules of the game

Every player gets three to five lives to begin the game. The first player throws the dart with their off-hand to decide which segment would be in play. The rest of the players have to hit it exactly including the inner and outer singles. If a player misses their target, a ‘life’ is lost. On the contrary, if they can hit the target, they can set a new target by using their remaining darts. If no dart is left, they can pull their darts out of the dart board and shoot to decide a new target.

When a player throws the darts to set the next target, they have the freedom to stop at any time. The last thrown dart determines the new target. If the last dart misses any target, they lose a ‘life’. As mentioned earlier, any number with a closed-off circle is fair game. The numbers include 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 18, 19, and 20. You must make your dirt hit in the enclosed loop of the number. Only then, it is considered a target.

Keeping scores in looper darts

To keep score in the game, someone needs to write down the players’ names in playing order at the left-hand side of the dart board. Beside each mark, the lives can be represented with ‘I’. for example, III for 3 lives, and IIIII for 5 lives. When a player misses the target, one life is erased.

A player is out of the game if they lose all of their lives. Others can keep on playing it until only one player is left with lives.

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