How to prepare your child for nursery school admission

Choosing and getting admission to a nursery school of your choice is a challenging task. A survey reveals that getting a seat in the nursery standard has a 32% lower chance than getting through a medical examination in India. So, applying to a single school and getting through is purely a chance of luck. Parents must apply to all the various available schools in their vicinity and prepare their child to face the school interview.

Importance of selecting the right nursery school

It is worth noting that 87% of children’s brains develop during the first five years of life. The skills which children develop at an early age are retained for their entire life. The right nursery school helps a child learn and exposes a child to many extracurricular activities.

Tips to prepare a child for admission in a nursery school

Teach while playing: Always keep in mind that children in their early years cannot undergo huge pressure. Children at a tender age don’t know the value of studies; thus, while preparing a child for admission, teaching techniques while playing is the right choice. There are various learning toys and methods adopted in initial learning or building up learning skills.

Work on a child’s communication skills: Making a child more social is an essential tip to preparing them for nursery school admission. Let children meet new people and make friends of different age groups. It is good to understand that a joyous kid performs better at the interview. Try to excel their communication skills by asking various questions like “what is your name?” “where do you live?” etc.

Be more patient: While preparing kids for nursery admission, a parent should keep his head cool and not try to lose temper. Remember that a kid is too young for his age to undertake the whole admission procedure and adopt the changes desired. Give them enough time to learn at their own pace and adjust to the entire situation and enjoy the learning rather than getting pressured.

Devise a plan: Make your kid’s involvement in daily household activities such as putting away his dishes, arranging books and toys, cleaning their shoes, etc. These short routines will help them incorporate the communication and motor skills required at the time of admission. Since all these skills need more time to develop, they must be started way before the admission tests.

Stimulate Curiosity in the child: The school management may want to test a child’s observation skills and alertness. So always teach your child about the surroundings and encourage them to understand the scenario around them. Allow them to generate queries and answer all the questions raised by them. Try to clear all the doubts raised by a child, to make them more confident and informed.

These exercises will help a child develop more interest in learning and gain more knowledge to face the school interview confidently.

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