How to Style Your Ripped Jeans in Stunning Ways

The ripped jeans can be defined in just one word and that is “cool”. The ripped jeans were reserved for rowdy boys of teenagers and mean wearing them was considered a sartorial sin. But that time has long gone. The ripped jeans have now become a favorite for men as a casual outfit or to visit the club. The ripped jeans dipped in and out of fashion over years but it has revived this decade. Styling ripped jeans is a bit tricky and you have to be careful on the road. In this guide let us throw the light on some stunning ways in which you can style ripped jeans.

Styling ripped jeans

The best wear to style ripped jeans is to pair them with a plain t-shirt or linen shirt and a pair of trainer shoes. But this doesn’t mean that it is not the only way to style a pair of ripped jeans. The thumb of rule to style ripped jeans is not to over complicate things. Also, remember that all the rips are created equal. Scrapes are small scratches that are made on the fabric which are not even an inch, shreds are a type of rips where the jeans are torn but threads still cover the gaps, and lastly, you get holes that are completely see-through.

If you are going for holes, make sure that the hole is not wider than the leg underneath to prevent pushing out limbs out of whole when you bend. To keep the ripped jean outfit smart, don’t go for more than two holes and scrape.

Casual with a shirt

A ripped pair of jeans is more on the casual side but pairing it with a shirt instantly smartens up your casual ensemble. An oxford button-down shirt is a versatile article that is a tool in your wardrobe to foil the edginess of the ripped jeans. Opt for a bold color that keeps the bottom rocking. A two and a half rips are more than enough to keep the loos smart. You can also try the double denim look. It is not a cardinal sin anymore like it was once. The light wash denim shirt will work great with ripped jeans. Keep it light as don’t want denim clinging all over your skin as if you are made of it.

Casual with t-shirt and sneakers

The torn jeans look their best when worn as a laid back casual. A great laid-back outfit is to wear your ripped jeans for men with a t-shirt and a pair of desert boots or sneakers. The shoes will add an edgier aesthetic look to your outfit. But, keep in mind that the main point of attraction should be your ripped jeans. Also, the jeans should only be a point of attraction and not a point of distraction. Overall, the look should be casual and effortless.

Wear it with a hoodie

The hoodie is considered a symbol of a teenage rebel but there is no other outfit to make you look cucumber like that of a hoodie. Add ripped jeans to the mix and it reaches the next level of coolness. A baggy and oversized hoodie with emblazoned logos is a no-no for anyone over the age of 16. If you are over 16 go for more of a fitted one in a toned-down shade. Zip-up hoodies work well than pullovers when layered over a t-shirt.

Jeans with a plaid shirt

After the punks (a famous band in the US), the ripped jeans underwent a free-fall but this was saved by metal rockers in the 80s with a plaid shirt. Wear a flannel plaid shirt as an overshirt along with a t-shirt. Add some spice to the outfit with some hardy retro sneakers to finish the look. There are two aspects while pairing the ripped jeans with a plaid shirt; skinny fitting jeans are more rock and roll while one with wider legs sport a rough and ready lumberjack look to the tee.

Ripped jeans and bomber jacket

When the weather is sizzling outside, the bomber jacket is for your rescue. It is an iconic piece of clothing that has been trusted menswear since the 1920s when it was used by military pilots. The minimalist and sleek version of this jacket is easier to style with ripped jeans than any other option. The ripped jean adds the complex edge to the bomber jacket given its simplicity. If you can handle the double bonus of the jean and the jacket then you can play with colors and patterns.

Wear it with jumpers

A jumper with ripped jeans works the same way as a t-shirt. The only difference is that it adds one degree of formality to the casual outfit. You can play with the texture and the color of the jumper.

Bottom line

If you want to look cucumber, ripped jeans can be your best bet. Stock your wardrobe with the best men’s skinny jeans from online. Online has the best collection of jeans for men.

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