Top 10 Reasons Why People love KTM RC 200 and RC 390

The likes of KTM RC 390 and RC 390 are some of the most anticipated commuting options even after years of their launch. Besides, with public transportation taking a backseat in the post-pandemic era, the time seems appropriate to get hold of a credit line and purchase one of these biking options, as per preferences. 

However, if you are still skeptical about spending more than 1.5 lakhs on either of these KTM bikes, you need to take a closer look at some of the most justifiable reason, as mentioned:

Class-leading design

 If you have a penchant for KTM’s RC8, the KTM RC 200 and RC 390 are expected to be in sync with your expectations. Besides featuring an innovative design that is relevant even in 2020, both these bikes from KTM cater perfectly to the riders with sports-centric preferences.

Powerful Engine

Both these bikes feature water-cooled, 4-stroke engines, capable of generating exceptional levels of power i.e. 25bhp for the RC 200 and almost 45bhp for the RC 390. 

Innovative Chassis

These KTM bikes feature tubular frames that help these mean beasts exceeding riding expectations. Besides, the streamlined chassis makes these bikes more than perfect for race track usage.

Sturdy Tyres

While the RC 200 features powerful and durable MRF tires, the KTM RC 390 brings in Metzeler wheels for an excellent grip. However, both these riding options boast of exceptional levels of maneuverability as the tire size is the same with a front width of 110mm.

Seamless Transmission

Each of these RCs is identical to the KTM Dukes when the transmission is concerned. For the more technical users, the RC 390 and RC 200 come equipped with a clawed transmission system where the mechanical clutch renders the requisite support to the operations. Moreover, the lower gear ratios further add to the pickup speeds of the same.

Future-proof Ergonomics

While the technical specs deserve a special mention, the ergonomics exhibited by the RCs are nothing short of exemplary. For instance, you can solely purchase the bike for its masculine layout, handlebar clips, and the streamlined layout that cuts through any kind of wind resistance.

Features Galore

While the price tag of each might seem to be on the higher side, it is completely validated by the perfect bodywork, twin headlights, integrated blinkers, comfortable pillion seat, and even a race-friendly rear.

Support for Integration

The KTM RC 390 and RC 200 can be customized, as per preferences. Not just that, you also get access to several functional features on this machine, including speedometer, odometer, fuel level, service reminder notification, and more. Moreover, you also get access to a reminding feature that notifies of gear shifting for optimum performances. 

Bike Suspension

If your bike purchasing preferences are determined by the quality of suspension, the concerned KTM bikes are the best options to invest in. From a more technical purview, it is the front forks, shock absorbers, and RC8 inspired suspension system that steals the show.

Class-Leading Brakes

In case you are interested in numbers, both these KTM RCs feature 300mm front disc brakes with caliper followed by the 230mm rear disc brake. However, if you are willing to opt for the pricier option i.e. the RC 390, you can also experience the benefits of the innovative ABS or the anti-lock braking system. 

Each of the mentioned reasons followed by the ease of loan approvals makes the RC 390 and RC 200 from KTM the best dream bikes to consider. Despite being launched at least a few years back, both these superbikes are still relevant as high-end racing and commuting options.

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