What If The EBAU Does Not Turn Out As Well As We Expected?

Access to college seems like a vital milestone, and in a way it is, although the real change in life will come when we graduate and earn our degree. Fortunately, they are vital milestones once they are achieved, but there are several attempts to achieve them. The important thing is not to get carried away by fear and to know our options.

What happens if we suspend the EBAU?

There are, depending on the autonomous community, calls in September or July to recover. And once the test is done, we already know what to expect, so it will be easier to prepare for exams and control your nerves. The problem with failing an exam like the EBAU is not usually that it has not been studied, but that it has not been done well. That is why it is necessary to change study techniques for recovery.

It is very important that we organize well the agenda and the daily hours that we are going to dedicate to the study so that it does not happen to us again. A trick that works very well is to do one of the old tests that are uploaded to the internet every day so that nothing takes us by surprise. It is not that we are going to fall the same exam, but there is similarity in the format and some of the topics may coincide. It is a practice that is as close as possible to reality, therefore, it will help us to prepare very well for recovery. That doesn’t mean we only do tests. You have to read and study the syllabus as well. Make summaries, index cards and mind maps.

What if he does not give me the grade even after having approved?

The first step is to thoroughly review the cut-off notes of the grades that interest us and see if we can enter any, even if it is not the closest or the one we expected. You never know, but then we may be very happy to have stepped out of our comfort zone, because that is how you learn the most. In addition, the first year can be done in another community or in a private university and then request a transfer of record. That is not the end of the world.

Another thing is that, necessarily, we need more points. If that’s the case, nothing happens either. We can present ourselves to the recovery of the general phase, the specific phase or both. We can also change subjects. And the good news is that the highest grade between the two calls will always be respected, so there is nothing to lose. What you cannot do is choose individual subjects from the general phase; that block becomes whole.

There is also no limit to the number of times to appear at the EBAU. Before there were 4, but now we can do it as many times as we want (respecting the call dates, yes) until it comes out perfect.

Is it a good option to do a vocational training cycle before entering the career?

If the grade doesn’t reach us and we can’t get it up enough on the second try, absolutely, yes. When we finish it, we will have gained a lot of practical experience that many grades suffer from and we will be better prepared than our peers. It should not be seen as if we were losing a year or two, but rather as the opposite. In addition, once the cycle is finished, the university entrance mark will be the average mark of the cycle that we have taken and we can even validate a subject. If the average of the upper cycle is not enough, we can present ourselves to the specific part of the EBAU and raise the grade again. Everything is facilities.

The importance of choosing well

Deciding at 17 or 18 what we want to do for the rest of our life is not so easy. Sometimes we dream of a profession and then discover that it was not what we had imagined. Sometimes we choose a grade because of social pressure (family or friends) and we discover late that this was not our path. There are cases in which we simply settle for second or third options.

Dealing with the frustration of studying something we don’t like It is very hard. And even more work on it. So this is a very important time to stop, lower the volume of background noise, and focus on what we really want. No career or job is ever going to be wonderful. We will have to take subjects that we choke over and over again. Hundreds of exams will have to be taken and long papers to be submitted. Therefore, choosing well is the key and not idealizing ghost writing or any career. We must read well what the degree is really about, what subjects it has and what is the agenda of each one of them. The more information we have, the lower the risk of disappointment and abandonment. The EBAU opens the doors of our future to us, but once inside, the real work begins.

If you are still not really clear, we recommend that you do this test and take a couple of days to think about it calmly.

Good luck!

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