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What To Expect From A Managed IT Provider

Every organisation wants to improve its overall productivity, but if their own staff lack the time or the requisite technical expertise, IT and networking can be an obstacle.

Failing to maintain an IT network which is efficient and secure can lead to you losing the edge on your competition or worse yet, leaving yourself open to the threat of other hackers and other bad actors.

What Is Managed IT Support?

Unlike traditional break/fix IT support, managed IT support from a managed services provider (MSP) takes a more holistic and proactive approach, improving the overall performance and security of the entire tech stack of your organisation. They will work to prevent IT issues before they occur rather than only working when something goes wrong.

Also, unlike a break/fix IT support, they are paid on a set monthly rate rather than per fix. This incentivises them to get things right first time as they will be losing profit every time they have to come back to your premises.

What Solutions and Services Do They Provide?

• Cybersecurity
Through constant monitoring of your network for threats along with proactive installation of anti-virus, ransomware protection and other security measures and MSP can boost the overall security of your entire network.

• Implementing Cloud Services
Cloud services can bring a boost to efficiency, enable easier collaboration and allow employees from anywhere in the world to work together in a single digital space. However, they can be complex and risky to implement without the required knowhow. An MSP can help plan and execute a transition to cloud services safely, securely and with minimal downtime.
• Sourcing New Hardware
It procurement can be a real headache if you’re not used to parsing information about RAM, hard drives, processors and operating systems. An MSP can help you make the right procurement decision the first time and can sometimes secure you a better deal through their bulk buying power.

• Managed Data Backups
Loss of data, either accidentally or through a ransomware attack can be devastating to a business. A managed IT provider can help to implement a structured and scheduled ongoing backup of your data so that it can be easily restored in the event of a data loss incident.

• Disaster Recovery 
Some MSPs specialise in disaster recovery, preparing your business so it can survive and recover from both physical (office fire/flood) and digital (data breach/ransomware) disasters with both proactive and reactive solutions.

The Benefits of an MSP 
• Reduce/prevent periods of downtime
• Reduce costs 
• Increased productivity 
• Increase security

How Do I Choose The Right MSP?
Make a list of the IT priorities for your business and then find MSPs that specialise in the areas you want to address.

Real world experience is invaluable, so it is a good idea to speak to other business owners/managers about the MSPs they use and what their experience has been.

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