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What Vaccines or Medicines Should I Get Before Traveling?

There are several reasons why you need a medical evaluation from a travel clinic in Singapore before traveling. 

You need to know which vaccines or medicines you should be getting. Your travel destination may be requiring certain vaccines. And some diseases may be more common where you’re going. They can range from mild to serious, but either way can disrupt your travel plans. 

As you prepare your belongings and schedule, be sure that you also see your health care provider at least a few months before leaving. 

Here are some vaccines or medicines that you might need before traveling.

  • For your specific condition. It can be hard to find medications that you need when you’re out of the country. The location of an area, lack of medical supplies and facilities, and language barriers can all get in the way. If you have existing medical conditions, be sure to see your doctor and secure approval before leaving. Your doctor can provide you with a list of medicines that you need so you can purchase them early on. 
  • For common diseases. Common diseases, such as flu, can be present anywhere. Even if you feel you’re perfectly healthy, go head to a travel health clinic in Singapore. Securing a prescription may also be able to help in case you run out of medicines. Physicians or pharmacists abroad may be able to assist you faster when you present notes from your doctors. 
  • For potential allergies. If you’re allergic to certain foods or substances, then you need to bring with you medicines as protection. Even if you’re being careful or diligent in advising others, accidents can still happen. An ingredient you’re allergic to may still land on your plate without you knowing. You may be exposed to allergens when you least expect it. It may not be the most encouraging advice, but when you’re traveling, it’s good to prepare for the worst. 
  • For local diseases. If the country or area you’re visiting is known to have more cases of a certain disease, it’s best to get vaccinated. Give your body enough time to produce antibodies. Schedule your vaccines at least 6 weeks before leaving. This is also why it’s important to book an appointment at your trusted travel clinic in Singapore early on – you’re not sure which vaccines need to be taken in several doses. If you do it too close to your travel date, the vaccine will not have enough time to settle in. 

The required vaccines or medications may vary per person

The necessary vaccines or medicines may vary depending on your existing medical condition and the area you’re visiting. 

Talk to your doctors from the travel clinic in Singapore about tips on how you can stay safe and healthy during your travels. Ask as well if they know or can recommend a local physician or medical facility. 

Don’t forget to secure their contact information in case you need urgent advice. To be sure, take photos of your prescriptions and vaccination record and keep them in your email. In case you lose your belongings, you’ll still be able to access them. 

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