Best Climbing Harness

Beginners Guide to Rock Climbing Gears

Rock climbing could seem to be a daunting sport to beginners. However, with the right gears as well as awareness of hazards, you can enjoy it. It is a full-body workout. In the early stages, you would feel muscle pain. After some time, you would become flexible, your strength, as well as endurance, would improve.

Gears You Require for Climbing

For starting climbing, you would need to invest in a few gears. The list of the gears includes

  • Climbing Shoes

The first and important thing in climbing is to balance comfort as well as function. You need to buy a pair of climbing shoes. However, before you buy one, it is essential to feel the difference. By using the gym rental shoes for few times, in the beginning, you can differentiate between regular and climbing shoes.

  • Helmet

Another significant thing that you require is the helmet. Some people do not wear helmets while climbing. However, it is essential to use the one to ensure your safety from falling debris or rocks, and even general falling. Before you purchase a helmet, ensure it fits comfortably.

  • Climbing Harness

The harness is one of the major pieces of equipment that you need to buy. It doesn’t provide performance. However, in case you have been renting a harness in the gym, it would offer improved comfort. To be safe, ensure you purchase the best climbing harness.

Fit is the key aspect that you need to consider. Every brand has different sizes. Therefore, it is essential to check the size before purchasing. Ensure you buy the one having adjustable leg loops. This would help you use the same harness in the winter as well as summer.

  • Belay Device

Climbers use the belay to control the rope. It is attached to the harness using a locking carabiner. In the market, there are numerous choices of belay devices that might confuse you and make it hard to decide which one is appropriate. However, going with a basic tabular device can benefit you.

  • Locking Carabiner

To use a belay device while climbing, you would require a locking carabiner. They provide additional protection against accidental gate openings. You would find these locking gates of different styles in the market. Screw gates and twist locks are quite common.

Apart from these gears, climbing ropes as well as chalk bags are also essential. Chalk helps to keep the hands dry so that they do not slip off the hold. Climbers hang chalk bag from the harness. Chalk bags come in different shapes and sizes. Consider buying one that is easy to carry.

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