Common Resume Mistakes

7 Common Resume Mistakes That Keep Students From Getting A Job

Many students want to start their careers during their education or after completing their degrees. Therefore, they apply to different vacant positions, but do not get any response. According to the experts, these students do not know how to properly present themselves and their achievements in their resume. 

Due to this reason, their applications get rejected and they fail to secure a job. In this article, we will provide the jobseekers with the 7 most common mistakes they make when writing their skills and experience in their resume.

Common Resume Mistakes Made By Students 

1- Sloppiness

The biggest mistake students make is writing a sloppy resume that is replete with typos, outdated information, and common phrases. According to recruiters, such a response suggests that it was sent by a lazy person who once again did not bother to re-read his/her text. Therefore, re-read the resume before saving it as a final draft or you would fail to get a job.

2- Long Text

HR managers are annoyed by long resumes written in a formalist style and containing too many details. Such resumes look similar to long chapters from a novel. Therefore, it is better to summarize your key skills and your main achievements.

Initially, when you do not have any work experience, do not exceed the length of your resume more than one page. Like many assignment writing services, there are also experts available on the internet who can write a good resume for you. So, get help from them.

3- Obvious Phrases

Many recruiters urge the applicants not to clutter the resumes with obvious phrases. For example, don’t write “mobile phone” or “email” in front of your phone number and email address. A recruiter doesn’t need hints that don’t make sense. Moreover, it will just increase the number of words on the resume.

4- Willingness To Provide Recommendations

The general impression of a resume can be spoiled by the phrase “ready to provide recommendations on request.” If recruiters need referrals from your previous employers, they’ll figure out a way to request them. Instead of this phrase, you’d better leave a link to your career profile. This can be a link to your LinkedIn. It makes it easier for the recruiter to review your previous experience and skills.

5- List Of Responsibilities

According to the recruiting manager, a comma-separated listing of duties at the previous place of employment also indicates the laziness of the applicant. This list gives you an idea of ​​what your employer wanted from you, not what you did at work.

For this reason, it will be more appropriate to write about your achievements, which will demonstrate your professionalism. Mention the tasks you actually did and learned from, regardless of what your job description was.

6- Abundance Of Jargon

“Team player”, “universal communicator”, “basic expectations” – there is a void behind these fashionable terms. Experts recommend getting rid of jargon and describing the qualities in simpler words. If you are truly a unique specialist who knows how to work in a team, write about it in a few phrases that will be clear to any person. 

7- Template Text

Template-based resume text is annoying. Such a document is boring, uninteresting, and gives little idea of ​​the identity of the applicant. According to most of the recruiters, a candidate submits such a resume for three reasons. Either he/she has nothing to tell about him/herself, or he/she does not want to do it, or he/she does not see (or does not understand) the point in a more detailed story. Therefore, get help from professionals rather than downloading a useless template from the internet. 

Like dissertation writing service, you can also find resume writing services online. They can write a customized resume for you which may help you secure your first job right after the university ends.

Summing up

You need to avoid the above resume writing mistakes to get a job. Remember, the more honest you are in your resume, the easier it will become for you to secure a job. Also, do not use abbreviations or confusing words. Be as clear and concise as possible to leave a good impression.

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