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9 fashion tips for men that worth it

Fortunately, today’s fashion is quite diverse and it is difficult to expose ourselves with a bad choice. What matters is not whether something is modern or not, but whether it suits us, whether it emphasizes our character, and also whether it is appropriate in the given case. Next to the neighborhood store with tracksuits and sneakers is not the wrong choice, but for a fine restaurant or business event is not particularly suitable.

However, I will try to give some, I hope, useful advice to men related to their appearance.

1. Don’t look the way you don’t like just because it was fashionable. Today it is fashionable; tomorrow it is considered kitsch, so listen to your own judgment and sense, as well as the opinions of some women close to you.

2. Shaving! A man with plucked eyebrows and shaved legs is not sexy for ladies. The stinging of sprouted hairs is not at all pleasant for the more delicate female skin. It is good to shave your beard regularly because through the face you get the first impression of others and contact with them. Fashion “bearded” can be interpreted as lazy and disrespectful to women! Wearing a beard has never been considered a manifestation of masculinity, but on the contrary – a manifestation of complex!

3. Ugly clothes are what doesn’t suit you. It’s also ugly when you bend down and think of what a “beautiful” view it would reveal. It is important that the clothes are tailored to you. Also, look for our budget first.

4. Improper shoes are a relatively common mistake. Leave sneakers and sneakers for more sporty clothes. The fact that famous performers come on stage with a suit and sneakers is not because it is very stylish and sexy, but because for them it is the desired effect. Sporty-elegant one-color shoes with a clean design and moccasins would fit a not strictly formal suit. At a formal event, always wear formal shoes (combined with formal clothes, of course).

5. Jeans tucked into boots also do not look very nice on men.

6. Regarding jewelry – it’s nice to go on your skin and clothes. And with more, and with less, and without such, it is good. It is advisable to wear jewelry made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and natural stones, being careful with their color and how they look on your skin. There are also nice cheap jewelry made of natural materials.

7. Do not wear too cut or transparent clothes, as well as with a large neckline. Also, be careful with colors – avoid wearing pink and purple. Leave that to the ladies. Make sure to style on a budget.

8. If you want to be perceived as a stylish and grown man – do not wear T-shirts with witty inscriptions, messages, and especially inscriptions that you do not know what they mean. 9. Last but not least – the perfume. Do not suffocate others and do not spray with too intrusive aroma. Remember that there are people who are allergic, even to the most expensive branded perfumes.

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