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Alcohol-Based vs. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are something that is crucial in any disease control program. However with many hand hygiene services and products available, it can be tough to know which type of hand sanitizer or disinfectant is better for you.

The simplest distinction between the two types of sanitizers available is that one contains alcohol and the other is alcohol-free. Nonetheless, there are more points to consider when choosing your hand sanitizer.

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Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers

  • Alcohol products have actually been shown to strip away the skin’s sebum, that is natural lipids which are there to safeguard the surface of the skin. This can result in dryness, dermatitis, and in some cases, microbial infections.
  • There tends to be less variance between brands as the formulations tend never to vary greatly.
  • Alcohol provides quick killing of germs, but it also evaporates quickly once on the skin, meaning alcohol products cannot offer residual antimicrobial protection.
  • There exists a danger of alcohol poisoning if consumed, but generally alcohol sanitizers are considered safe when used as directed.
  • Alcohol is only effective against a restricted number of pathogens, and does not kill spores such as for example C.difficile.
  • Alcohol sanitizers have a great fire risk / hazard and should be stored in a safe manner.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers

  • This type of hand sanitizer is generally kinder to the skin as it contains emollients built to moisturise the epidermis. This is certainly perfect if you work in the healthcare sector in which the product has to be utilized regularly.
  • Alcohol sanitizers are, generally speaking, accepted as not being suitable for use against spores, such as C.difficile, whereas certain water-based sanitizers have now been proven effective against a range of pathogens including spores.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers can be more cost-effective as they frequently work with a measured foaming mechanism which often provides more applications per bottle.
  • The antimicrobial substances used in certain alcohol-free sanitizers can provide residual microbial activity as much as 4 hours after application.
  • Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are gaining in popularity in healthcare settings.
  • Alcohol-free sanitizers are appropriate use for all groups, including those who avoid alcohol for religious or other personal reasons.
  • Don’t stain surfaces or clothing.
  • Require no special storage space.

Our selection of alcohol-free hand sanitizers have been tested to a range of applicable International Standards and shown to be effective against a wide range of infections including spores, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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