Ceramic Coating for Cars

Is Ceramic Car Coating Good for a New Car?

Is going to the gym and eating vegetables good for you? Sort of a rhetorical question at this point because not only is ceramic coating good for your car, it makes perfect sense. Works especially well if you like your vehicle, want it to look its best for its lifespan or length of time you own the vehicle.

Just because your car is fresh off the lot and brand new does not mean it’s been detailed, received any extra care. Can’t fault the dealership as it’s their job to sell you the car, not the detailing service, which is fine as DoubleTake Auto Spa has you covered.

Perhaps if you offered to pay a little extra then maybe the dealership might’ve gone the extra mile, cleaned your car, but unless you ask, the car comes as is, and fair enough, as it’s the dealership’s job to move cars off the lot, the rest is up to you. On the other hand, sort of sad in the sense of the word as every car needs to be protected, doubly so for new cars, but the dealership merely wipes down the interior/exterior to make it presentable to the buyer. As the buyer, it’s now up to you to protect the vehicle.

Preventable protection, as in a safeguard against your new interior getting scraps and scuff marks, coffee stains and the like. The sooner your new vehicle is protected, the better, because not only will it look like new for longer, the integrity of the materials will hold, perform their intended function over a longer period of time.

For the same reason we ‘treat’ our shoes and jackets with ointments and sprays, is precisely the same reason our vehicles deserve the same level of preventive care. It’s worth noting the car you just purchased didn’t just flop out of the sky, land in the lot. For example, you have no idea how many dealerships it frequented, how it was treated before you met and fell in love. Any number of factors, but the point is, a new car needs to be professionally detailed, it needs preventable protection.

Sadly, like a lot of things in life, it’s about money! In this case, that means preserving your investment because there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to sell or trade it in one day. You’ll thank yourself later for having the good sense to make an appointment with DoubleTake Auto Spa and have your new ride professionally detailed.

Here at DoubleTake Auto Spa, not only do we take care of the detailing, but we also offer a Ceramic Coating for Cars and Paint Protection Film, both actually to keep your new car looking, well, fantastic over the long haul. With over 500 flawless installations under our belt, meticulous attention to detail, DoubleTake Auto Spa is honored to be designated a Ceramic Pro Flagship Auto Spa. Not to brag, but we also have the most customer reviews of any installer in the Bay Area.

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