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Desert Safari Abu Dhabi 2021 Adventure Deals

One of the most beautiful famous cities of the United Arab Emirates is considered the home of the government. The city also consists of many shopping malls, theme parks, desert safari, King Fasal mosque, and the museum. 

Desert safari having full adventure tours like camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, BBQ delicious dinner with tea, coffee, and snacks, Tanoura dance show, Fire show, belly dance show, and the campsite overnight safari. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi is a full adventure tour where you can enjoy a lot of entertainment and fun!

Camel riding or camel Safari

Camel is one of the most famous safari activities, mostly likely by the older and the children because they are sensible and won’t slow riding. Desert safari provides the same safari 15-20 minute, ups and downs of the desert make you energized. 

Dune Driving with 4×4 vehicle

Explore the desert dune bashing with 4×4 vehicles, land cruiser, and the Lassan petrol. Enjoy dune driving in the desert. Dune for those who want to enjoy the adventure of the desert in the evening or morning time. In Desert safari, Abu Dhabi 2021, the dune driving and quad biking also include, enjoy the thrill of desert dunes. 

Sandboarding at red dunes

Before maybe you did not experience sandboarding because many visitors did explore the snowboarding. To explore the adventure if sandboarding fixes your feet on it then start. 

Evening safari with BBQ delicious dinner at the campsite

In the Arabian Desert BBQ dinner is an amazing party dinner. After the different entertainment activities sandboarding, quad biking, dune bashing, and camel riding, you need to eat something special, in this case, BBQ’s delicious dinner is amazing. 

Tanoura dance show

Tanoura is a special Sufi dance show, you can enjoy the night safari with the Tanoura dance show. A man wearing a white frock and move round in the campsite overnight. To enjoy the Tanoura dance, you must have the evening safari tour. 

Enjoy Fire show & Belly dance show

An amazing dance show is the fire show, the fire show experts come from around the world, having the talent to catch the fireball. You can enjoy the fire show here. The Fire, show, Tanoura show, and the belly dance show also part of the Desert safari Abu Dhabi dealsYou can enjoy the fire show in the camp. Also, enjoy the BBQ dinner with a belly dance show. 

Henna painting

Henna painting is the favorite activity of each girl. You can put the henna painting design on your hands and feet in the desert. The sunset evening looking beautiful. Paint your hands from the expert and enjoy the safari tour more. 

Sunset photography with Arabian costumes 

In the evening, the cool breeze blowing around everywhere. You know the day is too hot in UAR. So mostly the fun places organized in the evening. Take a photography session and enjoy the sunset evening. Everyone in desert-like the sunset photography with the Arabian costumes wearing. 

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