Festivity Is Always at A Peak in South Africa

South Africa offers untampered beauty of culture and legacies. It breeds beauty in its festivals and merriments. South African festivals are a perfect example of revelry and wonder, with vibrant hues and lights. Drums, guitars, piano, and other instruments are accompanied by music that speaks of freedom enveloped in pride and wholeheartedness for the country and its people. To visit South Africa during the festive season is the best decision. You get fascinating accommodation at considerate prices in hotels near or Tambo

You stay in these hotels and feel at home because festivity is not only flamboyancy here but a unification of hearts. You feel like a family. We shall discuss some of the well-known and impactful festivals that tourists, as well as the country mates, enjoy.

National Arts festival

This tops the list among all. This festival is a bit different from that of revelry ones but has the potential to enlighten the audience with counsels and literature of all times. You get to find and interact with the world-famous artists, gathering here. The best part of this National Arts festival is that there is no rule that can stop you inside. It is open for all. It takes place during June or July, in Grahamstown.

Jazz of Cape town

You visit South Africa, and you do not visit the Jazz festival, that is nothing but foolery. Nothing can be more sonorous and rhythmic than Jazz in Africa. You get to see various unknown instruments being played here at this festival. Music lovers have their hearts dedicated to this festival. The Jazz festival of Cape Town is the most prestigious and the fourth largest festival in the world. So, reserve and keep hold of your March plans because you will be in Cape Town then.

Knysna Oyster Festival

This festival has made its mark as the best family festival in the outdoors. There are many events within this festival. Amongst all the events, two are quite famous. They are Pick N Pay Cape Times Forest Marathon and the Pick n Pay Weekend Argus Rotary Cycle Tour. People from various parts of the world come here to enjoy holiday tours here for these two festivals. 

Cape Town Minstrel Carnival

This festival is held in January, where above 10,000 minstrels get down on the streets to celebrate the festivity. The vibrancy in costume and colourful umbrellas make it distinct. The variety of musical instruments and traditional songs from its major point of attraction. It is rated among the top 10 festivals of South Africa. 

Ficksburg Cherry Festival 

Ficksburg Cherry Festival is something that is no less in comparison to the Tomatina. Held during November, when fresh cherries are harvested, this festival is regarded to be the oldest of all crop festivals in South Africa.  South Africa is the land of survivors who love to enjoy their time with maximum elation and satisfaction. People visiting South Africa take a series of unforgettable memories down in their daily life.

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