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All golf courses are the same, right? Not at all! A golf course can be sorted into several categories, including the landscape style, the time it takes to run the course, and what kind of people are required to use the course.

Cumberland Golf Course

Public Golf Courses Carlisle design is an art. Many courses combine elements of the natural setting in their design. How the architect uses or reopens, natural terrain restricts the landscape division of the course. Most American courses lie in one of three main types.

Links Course: The link courses operate along with the natural landscapes of these land strips along the Scottish and Irish coasts. They cover the land’s slopes and curves, and fairways often have a natural role for them. Wind can be a primary factor in the game on the link course.

Desert Course: The desert course is often an oasis of green amid the arid, sandy landscape of the region. Although these courses work with natural dunes and other characteristics of the terrain, their abundant grass is unnatural to the area.

Parkland Course: A manicured golf course with meticulous landscaping and an abundance of green grass and trees is commonly referred to as a parkland course. The land is more coherent, so fairs are usually smooth.

Unlike link courses, which, by definition, are found in coastal areas, parkland courses are often offshore. Visit Cumberland Golf Course to get Golf Courses near Carlisle. Call us today!

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