How will artificial intelligence change the future of marketing?

The digital transformation has changed our lives, and the key drivers for these changes are technologies like AI, data science, big data and machine learning. There has been a growing demand for such experts who can leverage this technology and help the business grow in recent years. Among the different domains that are getting influenced by these technologies, an important vertical of the business domain can be prominently impacted by this technology. We are talking about the advertising division.

Advertising and marketing are key verticals of any business that work towards expanding the business by generating awareness in the market about the brand. This blog’s objective is to highlight how AI is being used to change the course of future marketing.

AI and marketing:

AI marketing makes use of AI technologies to enable automated decision making. This is done using data collection, data analysis, and additional observation of economic trends and audience preference that influences market trend. Companies are using AI tools to study data and customer profile and decide which way is the best to communicate with the customer. It eventually helps them to tailored marketing solutions to the customer. The idea is to create applications and platforms that provide excellent customer service and a tailored solution aimed at proving customized experience. 

To make comprehension easier, we would like to illustrate certain examples here:

1. Granular Personalization- Today, the customer is expecting highly granular personalization. Evey message or information shared by the company with the consumer must be initiated in such a way that it lures the customer and is of their interest. It must be based on their previous buying behaviour and choices. AI helps the marketing teams to study beyond standard demographic data to understand consumer preference on a granular level. It helps the companies to create a more specific branding and marketing strategy. Companies like Spotify have used this to provide a more precise streaming experience to their customers. 

2. Chatbots- This seems to be the new trend that has created a fervour in the market, right from Facebook and to any online portal, you will find chatbots taking over the charge of marketing. They work around the clock and answer a customer query, thus gaining the customer’s trust. 

3. Marketing operations– AI can be used in enhancing the marketing operations by making it more efficient. It can help in the automation of certain tactical tasks, like sorting marketing data and conducting security authorization. It helps the marketing team to focus on their core work. 

4. Bidding on programmatic media buys– Advertising and marketing at the right place to reach out to the right audience is paramount for every company. But many a time, things can turn out to be problematic, but with the help of programmatic platforms led by machine learning to bid on the right ad space, which helps in targeting the audience in real-time. The bid is made based on preferences, location, purchase history and intent of the buyer. 

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With time, we are going to witness a rise in this, and we will be more profound in the different business segments. Thus paving the way for AI experts to get into new job opportunities. If you also wish to join the bandwagon of a successful AI expert, you must connect with the Global Tech Council. 

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