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Finding the best IAS Academy in Kerala can be overwhelming when you aspire to take the civil services exam. The civil services examinations occur in three stages, viz. the prelims, mains, and the final interview round. Candidates have to be thorough with both their academic knowledge as well as life skills. Among the lakhs of students who apply for the civil service examinations in India, only a handful of candidates are finally shortlisted. With tough competition and the need for overall grooming for the interview rounds, you cannot compromise with the quality of the Kerala IAS academy you enrol in.

The top civil service coaching centres in Kerala.

When you are about to start your preparations for one of the country’s toughest exams, the first and foremost step is to look for the best IAS academy in Kerala. Several coaching institutes offer you a decent level of preparation for the civil services exam. However, instead of settling for a reputed institute and taking up extra classes from private tutors later, it is better to go for one of the top civil service coaching centres in Kerala and prepare for your dream job. 

VNK Academy: Top civil service coaching centres in Kerala.

For those looking for the best Kerala IAS academy, VNK Academy is a one-stop source for you. Located at a convenient and easy-to-reach location in Palakkad, the Academy provides you with the best education along with the scope for overall personality development. Some of the notable perks are: 

  • Experience:

Every Institute can claim that they are one of the top civil service coaching centres in Kerala. However, it may not be true. The best institutes have years of experience with successful candidates who cleared the exams with flying colors. VNK academy offers you the experience of expert professors and guest lecturers for your subjects so that you are covered on the academic front. 

  • Mock tests and interviews

Preparing for any competitive exams also includes time management while taking the test. One can easily get better at managing time between different sections. Regular mock tests at VNK Academy helps you check your preparedness and plan your time accordingly for each section. They also organize regular mock interviews to help you prepare for the interview rounds. 

  • Webinars and workshops:

The civil service examinations are not just about high academic scores; it takes into account the students’ overall personality as well. The regular webinars and workshops at the best IAS Academy in Kerala like VNK Academy provide the candidates with the scope to better develop their personalities.

  • Spoken English classes:

These classes are especially significant for those who have issues with English fluency. VNK Academy holds classes for these candidates to prepare on all fronts and does not face hardships because they do not command the language. 

Over the years, VNK Academy has established its presence as the best IAS academy in Kerala. Their experience, combined with the faculty members’ expertise and vast resources like high tech support and library, has been a crucial part of many former civil service aspirants’ success stories.

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