What are the signs and symptoms of infertility noticed in male and female?

As we know, today 40 to 50% of couples are facing problems when they are typing to have a baby. Many of the cases which come about are customarily due to infertility among males and females. An IVF Centre in Punjab has successfully carried out the fertility procedure among those couples.

Symptoms of Female Infertility

Major traits of infertility among females as pointed out by gynaecologist in Punjab. As we know that there are many causes due to which infertility among females is caused. Some of them are, mentioned below:

  • Irregular periods

If the females are facing irregular or crooked menstrual cycles, then it is an indication that there is some problem with her reproductive system. The crooked menstrual cycle is among the most popular reasons for infertility.

  • Painful and heavy periods

If the menstrual cycle is proper, the bleeding encountered during the period of the menstrual cycle would be very high. It may also take place that you may encounter some pain while flow increases or decreases.

  • No periods

The most customary cause of infertility is that the females are encountered with no periods. It means that the miss in periods is emerging. If that happens, there is an immediate need for consultation with the doctor or your gynaecologist.

  • Symptoms of hormone fluctuation

Your hormones tend to fluctuate as soon as your reproductive system becomes problematic.

Hormone fluctuation may be related to the following:

  • Skin issues
  • Skin darkening
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Sudden weight Loss
  • Pain during sex

If you are encountering any sort of pain while having intercourse, it is an indication that there is something wrong and problematic in your rep[roductive system and needs to be treated immediately. The pain in the reproductive system occurs customarily if the female is afflicted with endometriosis.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

  • Traits of infertility among males

Infertility among males is very popular. If the male is afflicted with fertility then there will be the emergence of the subsequent symptoms:

  • Transformation in sexual require

The change in sexual desire is something that ought to happen when the male is suffering from impotence. Once in a while, it may happen that due to the problem of erectile dysfunction the penis of the male fails to become erect which in turn induces the male to do no sex. It highly indicates that there is some sort of problem with the reproductive organs of the individual.

  • Complications during ejaculation:

It may happen several times that due to the problem in the organs responsible for the formation of semen, the individual may face problems regarding the discharge of semen after the completion of intercourse.

  • Swollen testicles

It may be due to the swelling in the testicles that the male partner is not able to perform well during the intercourse. but this does not mean that the swelling is normal. The swelling is calling your attention towards the impotence issue. So it is high time that you should consult a good, skilled, and reputed gynaecologist.

One final word

As we have already discussed the symptoms and traits of infertility, there are numerous reasons for each of the symptoms to come to light. It may be because of the unhealthy lifestyle that follows the consumption of a sedentary diet or junk food. Once in a while, the problem of infertility usually occurs due to genetic reasons.

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