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What Should Know About Congress Party Election?

Indian national Congress is byname as congress party which is considered as leading political parties in India. The party is presently in opposition to the ruling of the BJP Bharatiya Janata Party at the centre. The congress party is determined as a millennial party with a progressive and modern orientation. The congress party will have to be chosen president by June 2021. The parliament working committee on Friday approved the holding of internal elections after the congress polls.

The central Election Authority of the Congress party met on Tuesday to widespread the formalities of allotment legislative elections to the post together with that the members of party president come with congress working committee. The Congress leaders KC Venugopal and Randeep surjewala said elections to CWC will also remain to be seen that the schedule before and after the polls of congress chief posts. The central election Authority is having the proposed holding of an election for electing the party president and AICC sessions.

Is congress electing the party president?

Now, there are few changes on agenda based on stare polls that will be obvious soon. According to the congress constitution, the elections are held by the primary committee. The Congress Party Election for the post of congress president is held before February 2021. The chairman of the congress central election authority is said that body will need at least 25 days to initiate and complete the elections process. AICC assemblies to elect the part president and administrative body affiliates may not happen anything before February.

The congress party starts the preparation for the election in a good way. The ruling BJP is in direct contest with the Congress in Assam which is conventionally conquered two regional parties. Now the congress parties are starting to recognize the assembly voters that may work in favour of them. Preparation for an election is not a simple thing, but the congress parties are doing everything seamlessly for the elections. The congress party gets together with the same political ideas.

What is the consideration of the congress party election?

By enchanting part in elections, parties are better hoping to get affiliates and illustrative body. Preparation is being made for the election of the congress working committee. According to the source, all the state units have to submit the lists of AICC members to be the member of parties. And the AICC members are only vote to elect the CWC members. The party is also trying to determine the member of followers of leaders who are having protested against the party over the last few years or left the congress.

The congress party election is having some rules that are the central election authority of congress are submitted a note to interim party president Sonia Gandhi that they were ready for the elections. Surely the Congress Party Election is a challenging one and makes engage voters as well. The achievements of the congress are huge!!! Congress is still maintaining a healthy relationship with all. In all possible ways, congress is standing out right now. So the congress party election gains the biggest achievement in the election!!!

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