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What Are the Important Facts to Know About Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

A citizenship certificate is nothing but a letter-size paper document (8½ x 11-inch), but this is a critical document that a person would love to consider. Being granted Canadian citizenship is the last and ultimate step in the immigration process for many immigrants. This is regarded as one of the indicators of successful integration and gives immigrants the opportunity to vote, enter politics, and improve employment opportunities.

A Canadian citizenship certificate is one of the essential things to consider. This lists a few imperative things like name, Unique Client Identifier (UCI), date of birth, sex, certificate number, and the effective date of your citizenship. Suppose a person wants to submit the older citizenship as proof of Canadian citizenship. In that case, they can do that because the older certificates are still accepted as citizenship cards. The commemorative certificates presented at citizenship ceremonies are not recognized as valid proof of citizenship. If you ask about the application for Canadian citizenship certificate, you will have to know the certificate’s detailed information.

A Canadian citizenship certificate has the following information:

  • Family name and given name
  • Certificate number
  • Gender
  • The effective date of citizenship
  • Date of birth

Who Can Apply For Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

When applying for a Canadian Citizenship Certificate, you will have to be a Canadian Citizen. A Canadian parent can also apply for the citizenship certificate of the minor child. You need to know the criterion for application for Canadian citizenship certificate.

If you fall under any of the below categories, then you likely are a Canadian citizen:

  1. If you were born in Canada
  2. If you have applied for and received your Canadian citizenship (became a naturalized citizen)
  3. If you become a citizen because of the changes to the Citizenship Act
  4. If you were born outside Canada or at least your parents were born in Canada
  5. Naturalized in Canada before your birth
  6. If you had already received Canadian citizenship as a minor when a parent or legal guardian naturalized you by applying for your citizenship

If You Are Not Considered As a Canadian Citizen

You likely are not a Canadian citizen if you fall under any of the below categories:

  • If you have had your citizenship taken away (revoked)
  • If you are from Canada to foreign diplomats
  • If you renounced your Canadian citizenship and never applied to get it back

Not everyone is well-aware about the Canadian citizen certificate, which is why; they will need to take help from experts who are knowledgeable about the process.

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