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Some Volumizing Tweaks to Add Extra Bounciness to Your Hair

Watching your favorite beauty blogger create that perfect messy bun is enough to make you want to attempt that hairstyle. But sadly, when you stand in front of the mirror, you realize no hairdo can work on your hair! Although you can effortlessly tie up a low-slung bun or ponytail, no hairdo looks chic on you! This is where adding volume to your hair becomes important. And in this post, you are going to learn the best ways to make your hair look denser!

Using a Lightweight Volumizing Shampoo

Your starting point to getting denser hair begins with a lightweight volumizing shampoo. Besides a shampoo, also get yourself a lightweight conditioner too. These hair care products contain moisturizing ingredients that nourish your hair and add more volume to it. Before moving on to the next tip, please remember one thing. Always be gentle with the use of the conditioner. Avoid applying it to the scalp.

Opting for Yaki Hair Extensions               

If you like your hair the way it is, always use extensions. For straight hair, these hair extensions are a perfect fit. With these wigs and extensions, you get to maintain a natural hair look. There are different types of Yaki hair wigs. To name a few, they are silky, regular, kinky, and coarse yaki. If you’re opting for these extensions, ensure that you take care of them. On this note, the following are the pointers to follow:

  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash the extension
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Do not massage the hair extension
  • Allow it to simply air-dry
  • You can proceed with a co-wash
  • Apply moisturizing conditioner and comb the hair regularly from tips to the root

Setting Hair with Rollers

On your dryer, use the cooling setting. Upon then, roll your hair with rollers. Take the dryer, and use it accordingly. You can also apply a texturing spray to add perfection to the curls. After completing, you’ll see the perfect amount of bounces that have got added to the otherwise flat and thin hair.

Highlights to Acquire Lasting Volume

Highlights are a great way to add volume and texture to your hair. As it roughs the cuticles, it makes flat hair hold a voluminous style for a longer time frame. Concerned about hair damages due to highlights? You can do either of these two things:

  • Either apply a color-guard conditioner and shampoo
  • Or choose a competent hair stylist to opt for a henna method

Apply Powder for On-Go Touch-Ups

Just in case you have a concert or event and you don’t have enough time to visit the salon, adding the powder to your flat hair can act as a savior tip. Not only does it eliminate the flatness of your hair, but it also adds bounce to it.

Summing Up

From the given pointers mentioned above, the best way to add volume is through the Yaki hair extensions! The fact that they can get reused for crafting different hairdos is enough to highlight its significance. So, who wouldn’t opt for something that lasts for a lifetime?

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