Air Pots- Good To Grow Cannabis!

If you are a gardener or love growing plants, then you may definitely have heard about air pots. Air pots are also known as smart and fabric pots that are used in local gardening. Having marijuana planted in air pots, is it good or not? Well, it’s a common question that is frequently asked by marijuana growers. If you are a beginner, you can gain more information related to cannabis growing at SweetLeaf Marijuana. 

However, cannabis growers are continuously exploring to gain more yield; they invent the effective method of cannabis growing by discovering the LEDs light and air pot as a result of exploration. It is a method of increasing the cannabis growth rate. Air pots are the plastic container equipped with hundreds of holes, provides open-air to the plant, and leads air pruning. 

Furthermore, the smart pot comes with several benefits for cannabis growth as air pots that are completely fit for growing marihuana as it allows to pass extra oxygen to the plant root. It’s a means to boost root oxygenation and develop this system vastly. However, smart pots have the ability to provide extra power to the marijuana plant to grow rapidly as it rapidly increases the hydra transformation and allows marijuana to grow effectively. It is best in design because it braces drainage and prevents roots from several diseases and decaying. 

Growing cannabis in air pots

Unlike regular pots, air pots have a thick and taller size with multiple holes in the body that allows air in the pot. It allows more plants in a small space; moreover, you can grow large [plants in it as it has a narrow base. 

When you water the plant, the water seeps from the pot, so water it with a regular size saucer gallon. The soil in the air pot absorbs more oxygen from the air and prevents them from root-bound, which means that plants can be easily transplanted. Growers of cannabis face an overwatering problem that may damage the plant; air pots control over watering as the excess water seeks through the holes. However, the air pot also gets dry earlier as it is recommended to plant cannabis in a large-sized air pot (5-gallon container). 

Benefits of growing marijuana in air pots

With the help of air pots, you can manage the temperature; a cannabis plant requires 20–30°C, and if you are interested in growing marijuana, you can visit SweetLeaf Marijuana. Usually, the regular black container holds the heat and passes it at night, but the air pots allow heat to pass instantly. Air pots are also fit for hydroponics and a reusable product that is good for the environment. 

If you are willing to grow a large size of the cannabis plant, then air pots are perfect as it is accessible in a wide variety. Cannabis growers used it for outdoor cannabis growing. It’s the best source of air pruning with extreme flexibility.

To The Sum Up  

Air pots are the advanced source of growing marijuana that encompasses several benefits. It’s good to yield more in a stimulating number of times from cannabis growing. 

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