How I Arranged Birthday Party of My Loveliest Aunt

My aunt is my world. She is just like my mother because she is her sister, and one of the best persons in my life whom I never want to lose, not at any cost. Since my childhood, she has always been there for me whenever I need her. She is my escape from anything. She is getting old and this time she needs me more. She doesn’t have her own child while adopted because she thought that she doesn’t want anyone except me.

She taught me. She used to take me to zoos and all the visiting places in the city, and even in my parent’s meeting, she used to come for me. My parents were also so dependent on her for me that they never cared for me because they knew my aunt would do everything right for me. My mother believed my aunt more than anyone. And my aunt’s husband also never mind if she doesn’t want to have their own child. Such a lovely person he is.

I want to give my aunt everything like whatever she wants. Although she doesn’t want anything except my happiness. But she many times wished for going to Disney land, which I want to fulfill for her. My aunt is graceful and beautiful, totally like a fairy. My aunt is going to turn 60 this coming week and I want to celebrate her birthday in total jubilation. And why not because she is like my mother, like a real mother.

The preparations are going on for the birthday party. It is a destination birthday party so we have booked a hotel in Udaipur. Invitation cards have been sent to guests. The party is next week. I am going to tell you what I have thoughts about my aunt’s birthday party. Even though she is a simple lady, doesn’t pomp and show, yet I want to do everything for her.

  • I have said to decorate the place wholly with young vibes like one should feel young when one enters into the place.
  • Dance party arrangement is there and live concert is also because my aunt loves to hear old songs live. She likes them so much.
  • For all the special guests there is a return gift. This must be done. It feels like you are giving some memories to them. It must be considered a custom.
  • The dinner is mixed desi except there is one exotic dish from a foreign country which is going to be a highlight of the party.
  • There is a special birthday party photo booth arrangement for a photo session.
  • The hotel is around the lake. It is a view to enjoy. The enjoyment of the party also depends on the place you book. 
  • There is a game also for all couples which they must have to play.

This is all that I have done to make the party exciting and enjoyable. When aunty is going to cut the cake, I will be reading for her some special lines to express my love for her which I could not express for so long. It is the time and it is the moment which I am going to make it unforgettable. If you also want to write the best lines for your aunt then happy birthday wishes for aunt available on the internet you can take an idea from. Then you write in your own words or just put the same.

You don’t know how life is. I am lucky I have got the love of two mothers and even that in abundance. I wish everyone has an aunt like I have. I love you, my aunty. May you have all the happiness in life! 

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