The Killer Men’s Fashion Routine in 2021

Men who believe in the real fashion they make sure to take out ample amount of time to follow certain routines. Setting some rules make things easier to be followed as they become part of your daily life. Here, in today’s article you would get to know the best of fashion routines of men whom you have been envying for a while. The answers to ‘How to keep up with the fashion?’ or ‘How to match the trends and styles?’ would be covered in this article. With every new year, it is great to start setting some goals for yourself. It keeps you on your toes and the best one is to start with #SelfCare. Here are some of the best of routines to be one of the Man with Killer Fashion Sense. Let’s find out what else it takes be one of them except just the good-looking clothes. 

#1 Let’s start with Skin Care 

When make up or skincare became a thing for men? It has been always there but men have been conscious about it. If not makeup, you need up your game with skincare rituals. Like any other human being or the other gender, you are no superman hence, need to take care of your skin. After all, it’s the first line of defence. Get into the morning rituals of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Select products according to your skin type. For example, for oily skin do not use products which have got oil component else it might leave your pores clogged more than ever. Do check how your skin shows up when you get up in the morning. It really helps to decide what type of product would suit you. There are men’s care categories in shops, make sure you take your turn there while your girlfriend or wife is checking out her own products. 

#2 Formal Attire is in Vogue

Formal attire for men is picking since the last couple of years. They are seen on ramp channelizing the inner model of yours. Tailored suits and knitwear cardigans have made their ways into 2020. From an official gathering to a friend’s cocktail, a tailored suit would light up the surroundings. Its fairly simple to wear, wear a tailored brown or grey suit with turtle neck during winters or semi-formal Chinese collar shirts. When you want to keep it semi-formal then don a knitwear cardigan over a formal shirts for men and men’s trouser. Pair it with classic shoes either brown and black. Enjoy experimenting formal suits styles like in different fabrics like Linen for tropical seasons, woollen for winters, mixed cotton for the days when the season is taking over another one. 

#3 Choose your Personality

Everything will fall flat if you are one of those men who dress up and then sweat. All the right effort would go in vain on how do you smell. Choose a fragrance which goes with your personality. It’s a way to express your personality while being silent. Do a proper testing when buying perfumes for yourself, select those which would stay for longer and also compliment your clothes/shoes and everything else. It shouldn’t be too light or too strong.

#4 Hairstyles to Rock

When it comes to Hairstyling, men have been laid back for the longest time. The usual cuts were the so-called fashion. But thankfully, they have come out of their comfort zone and sporting various styles inspired by celebs. This year, get into the killer looks with French Crops which is called a white branded t-shirt of haircuts and hence, goes mostly on all face types. Another is the Buzz Cut for the ones which have a great head shape and chiselled face. Go black and white ear with the Slick Back, gelled and properly wired to the backside- totally owns a formal and serious look. Another one is for someone who is looking to get into a new avatar – The Shoulder Length Cut. Classic and refined, this gives your flexibility to don a beach look to a formal boardroom personality. 

#5 Outdoors are Essentials

Outdoors wardrobe are becoming essentials. An all-rounder clothing for men. In 2020, you will find most of the men rocking outdoor jackets, tracksuits, sneakers, sports shoes being worn as regular fashion attire. Go for basic Fleece Jackets, hiking boots, technical jackets, pocketed trousers and soft fabric t-shirts which might sound like basics but they are not. Opt for layering such clothes to get the style right. They can not only be weekend fashion but everyday winter dress up or team up the Mufti’s colorful t-shirts with hiking trousers to get that extra swag. 

Men are moving ahead in fashion at a speedy rate and so should you. You wouldn’t want to be trapped into the 1990s when others are already in 2021. Get the right brand to give your fresh looks.

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