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The Ultimate Guide To Shaving Safety Razors & Blades

A safety razor uses double-edged razor blades to provide the closest shave possible while being soft on the skin and cost-effective to use. A safety razor will shave much smoother with a single blade than just a plastic multi-blade cartridge can with multiple blades, and it creates less discomfort because only a single blade passes through the skin. Before moving ahead, you must remember that using only top-quality shaving safety razors & blades will give you that smooth and clean shave that you are looking for.

Why do you use a safety razor?

For the following reasons, a growing number of men are switching to shaving with a safety razor:

A smoother Shave: Double edge razor blades are finer and shave smoother than modern multi-blade cartridges, resulting in a closer shave. You can determine how close you want to shave by shaving in several passes.

Less pain and ingrown hairs: when shaving, the skin needs to be covered and lubricated, which is best done with shaving cream or soap. The first blade in a multi-blade cartridge eliminates the protection, and the subsequent blades are pulled against the exposed skin. Irritation and ingrown hairs result as a result of this.

Cost-effective: Replacement blades are inexpensive, so using a safety razor for a long time will save you a lot of money.

What is the best way to shave with a safety razor?

While traditional razor blades for men are simple to use, it can take a few weeks to get used to them. When shaving with a safety razor, the procedure is different than when shaving with a plastic cartridge razor. When shaving with a safety razor, the two essential things to remember are to maintain zero pressure and to use the proper blade angle.

The blade of a safety razor is exposed and in direct contact with the skin. Rather than dragging through the beard and scraping the blade over the skin, the intention is to use the blade to slice through it like a sickle. This means you can use the lightest touch possible, almost as though the blade isn’t touching the skin at all but rather gliding over it. It also means that you can keep the razor at an angle of around 30° to the skin, just so the blade is nearer to parallel than perpendicular to the skin. Since most safety razors have the blade at a right angle to handle, you’ll have to keep the razor handle practically perpendicular to your skin just to get the blade angle with your skin to be around 30 degrees.

Spend some time learning the path of your beard growth before pressing the razor to your face. Shaving ‘only with the grain’ means shaving in the course of your beard growth. Shaving ‘against the grain’ means shaving in the reverse direction of your beard growth. Shaving it against the grain is harsh on the skin and can cause discomfort, razor burns, and ingrown hairs, so it’s best to stick to shaving only with grain or ‘around the grain’ – at least when you’re learning.

It would help if you started shaving once you’ve figured out which way your beard is growing. Just your thumb, as well as the tips of your fingers, can be used to hold the razor at the end of the handle. Never hold a safety razor in your hand because this will cause you to apply too much pressure. Move the razor over your face in the direction your beard is growing (with the grain). To begin, shave with slow, short, slightly overlapping strokes. Increase the duration of the stroke as you get more acquainted with the razor.

It’s vital to avoid passing across the same spot more than once. The skin would no longer be protected by lather after the first brush, and running over the same region again will irritate it.

Choosing the right safety razor for you

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