Insurance For Your Landscaping, Fencing And Gardening Equipment

Landscaping is a process through which a piece of land, typically a garden with a lawn, or any outdoor hard surface is made more attractive by altering the existing design and adding more ornamental features, or by planting shrubs, trees and flowery creepers. In a typical Home Insurance Quote Calgary, insurers provide coverage for fences, landscaping […]

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Insurance For Your Home Against Mice Damage

A comprehensive home insurance policy in Canada will typically cover all risks that you could possibly associate your home with. Federal and provincial regulations in Canada stipulate that all Home Insurance Companies Calgary prepare insurance policies that clearly list out the risks covered by them and also mention the exclusions, i.e. the risks that are […]


Business Insurance Basics For Accountants In Canada

Accountants serve a critical role in maintaining the books of a business and preparing annual accounts. In Calgary for example, the working of accountants is regulated by the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario Act, 2017 under the oversight of the Attorney General. Under this act accountants are required to provide specialist advice and services at […]


Latest Trends In House Insurance In Calgary

With the advent of disruptive digital technologies, new roadmaps for digital transformation are being rolled out in major insurance companies worldwide. New digital initiatives are being planned and implemented in Life, Property & Casualty, Automotive, Business and Home Insurance Calgary. The underlying objective of these initiatives is to utilize technology to make insurance more humane […]