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Boho fashion gives you so much freedom in how you want to dress. Originally boho clothing was given that term because it was associated with the bohemians of Europe who were somewhat transient and dressed and decorated their camps with whatever they could find. Experts at crafting and repurposing, they lent their name to the […]


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Bohemian fashion definitely has its corner of the fashion world, which might seem somewhat surprising since things that are or have become known as bohemian or somewhat eclectic. It seems as though bohemian fashion is a mashup of different styles that didn’t fit neatly into any other category or echelon of fashion. That would make […]


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Bohemian style is typically associated with soft, natural earth tones, floral patterns, and animal prints. The cut of bohemian style can be very difficult to typify because oftentimes a style that doesn’t fit into another school is simply labeled as bohemian. That makes the bohemian style a necessarily inclusive category where the discerning eye can […]