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4 EssentialConsiderationsin the Preparationof the Break-Even Analysis Excel Template

Break-even is the point wherein the revenue equals costs having a zero profit.Break-even analysis can be derived by calculating and examining the margin of safety for a business based on the revenues collected and costs incurred. It is plotted in an excel template used by financial analysts in providing financial modeling services. Understanding break-even analysis […]


Learn Financial Modelling Today – Enroll in Financial Modeling Classes Online!

Planning to learn Financial Modelling? Are you eager to learn how to create financial models to enrich your skill set for your career? Or are you simply supplementing your current skills in financial modeling? Nowadays, creating a financial model is critical for either business or personal use cases. Thus, raising the need to learn financial […]


Using a Startup Financial Model Template in Excel

Ensuring to have a healthy business is to have a working financial plan that will help with managing the business to make the right strategic financial decisions. Especially for startup businesses, creating a financial plan is a critical factor for the business’ survival against countless competitors and other risks that one might encounter especially for […]