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Definitive Role of DMPK Studies For Successful Drug Discovery And Development

DMPK or Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics is a scientific discipline associated with the evaluation of safety parameter throughout the process of drug development. In the last few decades, the DMPK studies have contributed a lot towards the success of the drug discovery and development process. There are three prime ways through which the DMPK studies […]


Various types of Paper Testing Instruments used in the packaging industry

Paper testing instruments are widely used in the packaging industry to ensure the safety of the products packed in cartons, corrugated boxes, paper bags, etc. Packaged products are prone to damage during storage, loading, and transportation, therefore, it is essential to have stringent checks on the quality of the packaging so that products are delivered […]


Deciphering Digital Signatures: Insights, Concepts, and Applications

Before we start talking about digital signatures in general, it is necessary to understand the growth of electronic documents and their importance in the modern day entrepreneurial framework. That said, electronic documents need to be validated and unlike paper-centric docs, conventional signatures aren’t going to be any good. This is where digital signatures come into […]